Hydronephrosis | Ayurvedic Treatment For Hydronephrosis

Hydronephrosis is a condition related to the kidneys that occur when the kidneys are not able to drain urine out into the bladder. Resultant, the kidneys start to swell due to the build-up of urine.  It can be chronic or one-sided or bilateral.  If it occurs in one kidney, it is called unilateral Hydronephrosis and if both the kidneys get swell it is termed as bilateral Hydronephrosis.  Depending upon how it is affecting the body, you will need Hydronephrosis treatment in Ayurveda. Hydronephrosis can occur anywhere in the urinary tract or from the opening of the kidneys to the ureters. Any obstruction or blockage in the urinary tract can result in the urine to flow backward into the kidneys and cause Hydronephrosis.

What may cause Hydronephrosis?

The most common causes of Hydronephrosis may include:

Kidney stones: Stones that may build itself in the kidneys or in the urinary tract.

Cancer: Cancers of prostate, bladder, uterus, and other subsiding organs may hamper the urine flow.

Enlarged Prostate Gland: Enlarged prostate gland in men pressurizes the urethra, a thin tube through which the urine passes before it leaves the body.

Urinary Retention: Urinary retention means not passing the urine for a long time.

Nerve Blockage: The nerves or muscles around the kidneys can damage the kidneys or ureters, such as because of diabetes mellitus.

Narrowing of the Urinary Tract: The narrowing of the nerves around the kidneys also results in hydronephrosis with the passage of time.  It may happen because of birth defects, injury, or surgery.

Blood Clots: Blood clots in or around the ureters is another cause of swelling in the kidneys.

Vesicoureteral Reflux: The backflow of the urine towards the kidneys from the bladder.

Uterocele: This is a condition where the ureter extends towards the bladder and causes a blockage.

Uterine Prolapse: When the woman’s uterus slips from its normal position, it results in uterine prolapse.

Pregnancy: During pregnancy, it is common for the woman to experience hydronephrosis because the uterus gets to expand and pressurizes the ureters.

Cystocele: A condition in which the wall between the bladder and vagina weakens and hangs out into the vagina of the woman.


Hydronephrosis Treatment in Ayurveda

All these causes of hydronephrosis should be treated first in order to eliminate hydronephrosis completely. The best way to cure swelling in the kidneys is to take hydronephrosis treatment in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic methodologies have the tendency to rejuvenate the faults in the renal that resulted in the disease. Further, it does not put the kidneys and the other organs at risk as it involves no surgery. For more information on this treatment, consult Karma Ayurveda.


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