Role of kidneys

Kidneys are the bean-shaped objects and one of the most crucial parts of the body. The main job of kidneys is to filter out the waste from the blood and water. The filtration process rid the body of the impurities that can be harmful to your body. Another function that kidneys perform is to control blood pressure and hormones that are important for the bodily function. Kidney problems occur due to dysfunction of the nephrons present in the kidneys which degrade with age. “How to Treat Fever In Kidney Patients”.

Fever as the most common symptom in kidney disease

The signs and symptoms of kidney disease are only visible in the later stages. The common signs of the kidney disease are abdomen pain, dark and foamy urine, dry and itchy skin, loss of appetite, abnormal weight loss or weight gain, hypertension is faced by the patient.

The other main symptom of kidney problem is the fever. It occurs due to infection when harmful bacteria or viruses enter the body. These germs can enter the body through touch, through the air we breathe or through our mouths. The immune system of the body is on constant alert for infection and looks for a variety of strategies to combat it. It protects the body by increasing the blood flow to the infected site. White blood cells and antibodies are transported to fight the invading germs. Many times this increased blood flow can cause inflammation and it’s one of the first signs of a bacterial infection. How to Treat Fever In Kidney Patients”.

When an infection isn’t specific to one area but affects your entire body, you may develop a fever. The increase in the body’s internal temperature lets the immune system weakens the bacteria or virus allowing the antibodies to fight them. A fever is also one of the first signs your body is fighting bacteria or a virus.

You may feel tired fighting infection. This is a sign that your body wants you to rest. Sometimes an infection can be overwhelming to your body and medical attention is necessary.

General treatment for kidney failure

Most people take allopathic treatment in their advanced stages of kidney disease. The most common forms of treatment are:

  • Dialysis is an artificial method of filtering impurities from the blood when the kidneys are not able to perform the normal functions. Dialysis is mainly of two types namely hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. This treatment doesn’t correct endorphin level in the blood.
  • A kidney transplant is the surgical replacement of diseased kidney with a new donated kidney. However, at times the body may not accept the new kidney and the person can develop kidney problems even with a new kidney.

How can Ayurveda help in treating fever and other kidney symptoms?

Ayurveda is ancient treatment techniques for the healing of mind, body and soul. According to Ayurveda any kind of physical ailments originates from the blockage of the Doshas. Doshas include Pitta Kapha and Vata, the blockage in any of the channels can lead to diseases and problems in the body. The main aim of Ayurveda is to make use of unrefined herbs and medications for treating kidney disease. “How to Treat Fever In Kidney Patients”.

Karma Ayurveda is the most authentic Ayurvedic kidney treatment centers in India. It was started in 1937 and since then has treated millions of kidney patients Worldwide. They use complete herbal and natural treatment medications which have no side effects, unlike allopathic medicines. They also provide a customized kidney diet chart to its patients for faster recovery. “How to Treat Fever In Kidney Patients”.

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