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Kidney diseases are the silent killers of the human body. If they are chronic, they will gradually show their progression, but if it's a spontaneous invasion, then it would be the condition of acute kidney disease. However, both the cases show their significant symptoms that we may call it as symptoms of kidney illness. More than thirty-seven billion people across the globe are unaware that they are suffering from kidneys diseases. Despite the signals that the body is giving Symptoms of kidney illness, people have not gone for the diagnosis. Kidney diseases at initial stages indeed indicate symptoms common to other conditions, such as cold, fever, and flu. However, if these are frequently happening or without any supporting cause, it can be a sign of renal disorders. Here, we will discuss the ten symptoms defining the presence of kidney illness in your body. kidney-health

7 Symptoms Of Kidney Disease

You will be low on energy

Be it any disease, the first physical impact that you get on your body is feeling tired or exhausted without doing anything or not much. It can be because of the elevation of impurities in the blood. The accumulation of Mal and Ama (waste and toxin) reduces the energy in the body.

You will find trouble sleeping

It is the most common Symptom Of Chronic Kidney Illness. The waste build-up in the body affects the functioning of the nervous system that can keep you awake at night or may develop discomfort while sleeping.

You will start noticing that your skin has become itchy and dry

It's a prominent symptom for the people having oily skin, and suddenly their skin pattern has changed to dry. Although, people who tend to have naturally dry skin would suffer from skin bruising and itchy skin.

Your urine output would differ

Well, in most cases, the urine output increases, especially at night. But in rare cases, the problems of hydronephrosis occurs where the urine output decreases than usual. If you have been feeling either of these, you may have to get tested with KFT.

Presence of blood in the urine

Having traces of blood in the urine may be a sign of Hematuria or PKD. Women observing blood in urine other than their menstrual cycle days can be a sign of kidney diseases; however, men will suffer from the disorders irrespective of the cycle.

Swollen lower body and puffiness around the eyes

It's also one of the most common symptoms of kidney illness that demonstrates your body as swollen. It can be edema that causes because of the damage kidney filters. It can also be the result of fluid retention in the body.

You will become vulnerable to bacteria and viruses

Kidney diseases reduce the body's immune power, allowing the bacteria and viruses to invade your renal system easily.


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