Kidneys are a vital part of the body and play essential functions for the proper functioning of your body. Kidneys filter waste material and excess fluids from the blood and pass them from your body through urination. Your kidneys also generate some hormones that help your body in the production of red blood cells that are very important for the proper functioning of the body. According to the National kidney foundation, end-stage kidney failure is the condition when kidneys are performing only at 10-15 percent of their functions. If your kidney fails, they are not able to perform their functions as they should that result in a waste buildup in your body, which results in many health-related issues like swelling or edema. Dialysis is a treatment given to kidney failure patients that filters and purifies the blood using a machine. This treatment helps your body in removing excess fluids and waste materials from the body. This treatment has been in used since the 1940s to treat kidney problems, but many health-related complications of dialysis can be proved to be life-threatening to any one’s life. It is used as a temporary treatment for kidney failure as it has to be done twice or thrice per week that is very time and money consuming for the patient. This treatment is done to revive your kidneys for a shorter time. Dialysis is performed outside your body with the help of a machine that works as artificial kidneys for your body. It works on the principles of diffusion of solutes and ultra-filtration of fluid across a semi-permeable membrane. Dialysis is not the best solution for kidney failure due to its complications like the average life expectancy rate after dialysis that is not at all good in a number. Usually, people enquired “can dialysis patients lift the weight?’ in this article you are going to get your answers.

Types of Dialysis

There are three types of dialysis and each dialysis has its significance and complications.
  • Hemodialysis – This is the most common type of dialysis that involves the use of hemodialyzer or artificial kidneys. This artificial kidney filters waste products and remove excess fluids from the body. Blood is removed from the body and filtered through a dialysis machine and then blood returned to your body. This treatment usually lasts three to five hours and is performed thrice a week.
  • Peritoneal dialysis – It involves a small surgery, that is done to implant a peritoneal dialysis catheter into the abdomen of the kidney failure patients. It is a thin tube made of plastic material, which is used in surgeries that helps your body to filter your blood through the peritoneum (membrane in your abdomen). This type of dialysis takes a little less time as compared to Hemodialysis and needs to be repeated four to six times per day.
  • Continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) – This type of treatment is used for the people with acute kidney failure and in this process, a machine is used that passes the blood through the tube. These machines are also known as artificial kidneys that filter your blood outside your body and then blood returned in the body along with the replacement fluid. This process needed to be performed daily and it will take 12-14 hours a day.
These types of treatments for kidney failure are not a permanent solution for kidney failure or End-stage renal disease due to its complications and risk involves.

Complications of dialysis

There are several complications of dialysis treatment that can harm other parts of the body. Some of the complications of dialysis are as follows:
  • Low blood pressure
  • Deficiency in red blood cells
  • Muscle cramp
  • Itching in some parts of the body
  • The rise in potassium level in your blood
  • Bloodstream infection
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Infections in or around the catheter
  • Abdominal muscle weakening
  • Bleeding
  • Weakness in bones
Individuals who are taking dialysis as a treatment for kidney failure are also at a higher risk of other dangerous medical issues. Dialysis is very time consuming and expensive as well.

Exercise for patients surviving on dialysis

When you have chronic kidney disease or kidney failure and you are on dialysis for the treatment, then your doctor may recommend you to get outside for some exercise like walking for at least 30 minutes a day. But some exercise like weightlifting can cause kidney disease or can damage your kidneys. No doubt exercise is very good for your health but individuals surviving on dialysis have to restrict his/her exercise. Lifting heavy weights can damage the kidneys of healthy people as well and if you are on dialysis, then this will prove fatal to your kidneys. High intensive muscle training like weight lifting, damage some muscles present inside your body. This wear and tear of body muscle can increase the level of creatinine in your blood that may harm your kidneys as well. Dialysis helps your body to filter waste and excess fluids from the body, if you lift the heavyweight then again creatinine level in your body increases that can harm your body. If you are on dialysis and want to stay fit, so consult your doctors for exercise tips. He may assist you in some exercise that may help you to keep fit and healthy. Now you all understand that dialysis patients can not lift heavyweight. If you want to lower down your creatinine level naturally then always go for the Ayurvedic treatment that provides kidney treatment naturally that has no side-effects on any part of the body.

Ayurvedic kidney treatment

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