Being the second-most populous country in the world, India is facing many challenges these days due to this population explosion. One of them is the scarcity of better medical facilities; especially in the case of major health conditions i.e. heart or kidney diseases. But it's not the reality and the circumstance is the result of our own wrong selections. Unfortunately, we don't have faith in our own medicinal system; Ayurveda that is way more powerful than Allopathic therapy of curing disease. For serious health conditions like kidney disorders, Allopathic medications are helpful but do not cure them of their roots causes. On the other hand, Ayurveda is capable of curing kidney disorders permanently. As a result, the number of Ayurvedic doctors is also not that high. But finding the best Ayurvedic vaidya doctor can help you relieve kidney disease permanently. With this post, you’ll get to know a little more about kidneys.

 Primary Symptoms of Kidney Disorders  

The kidney is a bean-shaped organ located on either side of our body below the spine. Normally, two kidneys are found in the human body and they perform many important tasks in order to ensure disease-free health. Primarily, they filter blood, maintain fluid balance and flush out unwanted & toxic substances out of the body. When the kidneys fall ill, they become incapable of performing these tasks, as a result, toxins start accumulating inside the body and cause many health complications. Sometimes, the condition turns out to be serious and fatal for the patients. The symptoms a kidney patient may notice are swelling in hands, ankles, feet, excretion of excess protein in the urine, blood in urine, deficiency of albumin in the body, etc. In kidney disorders, it’s important to diagnose them at the earliest otherwise they can be proven life-threatening.

Causes of Kidney Disorders 

If you ask about the causes of kidney disorder, they are several. Here are some of the primary causes of kidney disorders:
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Blockage in Urinary tract
  • Low rate of Blood flow to the kidneys
  • Consuming excess sodium, potassium & phosphorus
  • Overusing over-the-counter medications
In order to stay away from kidney disorders, one should try to eliminate these causes so that they don’t progress to serious kidney disorders. But, if you or any of your dear one is diagnosed with any kind of kidney disorder, you should take the help of Ayurveda in order to cure the disease of its roots.

Why prefer Ayurveda over other medicinal systems?

Ayurveda is not only the most ancient but also the most powerful therapy that is highly effective in curing almost all kinds of health disorders completely. It possesses knowledge of a number of natural herbs that encompass medicinal properties and cure diseases effectively. As these medications consist of natural herbs, therefore, they do not affect the human body adversely. In the case of kidney disorders, Ayurveda plays its part very well and cures all sorts of kidney disease permanently. Ayurveda understands the entire mechanism of the human body and hence works on each aspect of the body to cure a disease. Along with medications, Ayurveda also suggests a kidney-friendly dietary plan and some yoga postures as well that help in the treatment method.

How can you find the best Ayurvedic doctor in India?

In order to get the best possible treatment for kidney disorders, you have to find the best Ayurvedic vaidya doctor in India who will guide you throughout the entire treatment process. In India, there are numerous Ayurvedic doctors who are offering kidney treatment using Ayurveda. All you have to do is search, analyze and talk to the people who were patient earlier and got cured by taking medications from the doctor. After that, you can opt for the best ayurvedic vaidya doctor in India in order to get the most effective treatment for the healing of your kidneys. Kidney treatment by Doctor Puneet Dhawan is found to be very effective for years in curing patients having kidney disorders. Doctor Puneet Dhawan, an ayurvedic specialist is working to bring the empathetic effects of herbs in curing CKD. He is currently leading Karma Ayurveda, an ayurvedic kidney care unit in Delhi.

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