What is Kidney failure

Kidney failure is an intense condition in which the kidney ends up incapable and can't filter out overabundance squander from the body. These bean-formed organs are simply situated in the stomach area towards the back, ordinarily one on each side of the spine. At the point when blood streams into the kidney, platelets in the kidney control the measure of water and electrolyte to be discharged as pee. In the event that an individual is dehydrated because of the activity or less utilization of water, the kidneys will hold as much water in this way making pee concentrated. This is the turnaround instance of hydration in which the pee is progressively weakened and turns out to be clear. This capacity is performed by a sort of hormone that is a piece of the circulatory strain guideline frameworks of the body.

Causes of kidney problems

If they feel pain in your kidneys, it could be a sign of kidney problems. Some problems that can cause kidney pain are:
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • Polycystic kidney disease(PKD)
  • Blood clots in kidneys
  • Bleeding in kidneys


  • High Blood Pressure– Anyone with high blood pressure might be experiencing kidney problems. You may also experience back problems because the kidney problem causes back pain.
  • Weakness– Hectic schedule, lack of sleep, unhealthy eating habits, hypertension, and kidney problem leads to weakness.
  • Back Pain– Your back pain is not only the sign of improper sitting posture but, it is also the symptom that your kidneys are not functioning properly. Chronic kidney disease, kidney stones, damaged kidney filters, and acute kidney failure are some of the kidney problems that cause back pain.
Nausea – Stomach pain and vomit can be signs of kidney problems.

How to get rid of kidney diseases?

  • Healthy eating habits– By adopting healthy eating habits, you can stay away from kidney diseases. For Example – Diabetic patients should keep themselves away from manufactured white sugar.
  • Power Yoga– Practicing power yoga can heal the causes of kidney problems. Yoga has the strength to kill sleep problems, hypertension, diabetic problems, high blood pressure, and kidney problem.
  • Natural Herbs– Consumption of coffee and tea can cause high blood pressure. But, natural herbs such as Green tea, Aloe-Vera juice, etc can heal kidney problems.

Benefits of Ayurvedic kidney treatment

There is no permanent treatment for kidney problems in allopathic but, Ayurvedic kidney treatment has the power to heal every kidney problems. Following are some benefits of Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment – Not Expensive – If you compare Ayurvedic treatment with allopathic treatment, you will come to know the reason behind kidney patients opting for Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurvedic kidney treatment is inexpensive because of the use of natural herbs.
  • No Side Effects – Ayurvedic medicines can heal all the side effects, and causes of kidney failure. Ayurvedic medicines are made by natural herbs and do not cause any side effects.
  • No use of artificial medicines – Ayurvedic specialists do not use artificial medicines because there are so many Ayurvedic herbs that can heal kidney problems.
Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment is the only way out by which a person can get relief from kidney disease. If your kidney problems cause back pain, you need to take Ayurvedic kidney treatment from Karma Ayurveda. Karma Ayurveda since 1937 has successfully healed many kidney patients and saved their life.  

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