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Why there is a sudden rise in kidney failure cases?

According to a recent report, 1 in every 10 people suffers from kidney problem. There has been a rise in kidney failure cases in the last decades. Kidney disease has been recognized as among the top five causes of death worldwide. In India, The Global Burden of Disease ranked kidney failure as the eight leading cause of demise. Deaths due to kidney failure pick up 2.9% of all the deaths in 2019-13, between the people of age 15 to 69 years. While diabetes is the prominent cause your renal may fail to work at all leading to failure. With the rapid increase in diabetic and hypersensitivity cases in rural India, there has been a parallel alleviation in the number of kidney failure patients. The strange fact is that those diagnosed with malfunctioned kidney have not gone for any kidney function test before they got diagnosed. These patients mostly got diagnosed accidentally or at a late stage of kidney damage. The lack of awareness and affordable treatment adds to the rise in kidney failure cases. But one thing that is sure sot is that half of those with reduced kidney function have a history of kidney disease, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, or recurring urinary tract infections. People need to be cautious of the signs and symptoms that kidney damage brings so that early treatment can be initiated.

These signs include:

  • Blood or pus in the urine
  • Pain when passing urine
  • Swelling in the body
  • Weakened urinary system
  • Smelly or foully urine
  • Frothy urine
  • Lack of appetite or food intolerance
  • Exertion
  • Low blood count
  • Back or side pain

Some people abruptly lose their kidney function, all at once. The kidney ceases working its important tasks such as elimination of toxins and waste, fluids and salts from the body. When the kidneys prohibit working, you may have dangerous levels of harmful substances buckled in your blood, may feel sick to work and lead a normal healthy life. But in some cases, the loss of kidney function is slow that happens in the stages. This is called chronic kidney diseases. CKD is hard to diagnose in the early stages until symptoms appear in the body. If you are not regular on visiting a doctor at least once every six months, then chances are high that you may diagnose the condition in its late stage. Therefore, be continuous about visiting doctors frequently. With the early diagnose, patients are still able to rectify the damage, kidney disorder brings. The strict control of blood sugar, blood pressure, and other causes can slow down the progression of kidney disease into renal failure. Unfortunately, CKD is a progressive condition that may end up with the end-stage renal disease and require patients to take renal replacement therapy in the form of dialysis or a transplant. Although most of the doctor's advice dialysis to continue living, patients are hardly aware of the fact that dialysis helps to surpass the symptoms only and not cure the cause.  Further, not everyone can bear up the pain dialysis bring, as those with a weakened immune system cannot sustain the procedure. On the off chance, anyone is able to diagnose the kidney disease; they are not able to choose the most viable treatment for themselves and end up losing their life with renal failure. There is another treatment that ensures the smooth functioning of the kidneys with the use of herbs. The ayurvedic treatment works on the underlying cause of kidney problems and makes sure that kidneys become functional again. The ayurvedic medicines work on improving the damaged cells and tissues and eliminate the risk of having kidney failure in the future. Herbs like Kaasni, Punarnava, Shirish, Dandelion roots, and Gokshuradi Guggulu promote well being by enhancing mutravaha srotas. According to Ayurveda any disease in the body arises because of the unbalancing of doshas, leading to damage. The herbs work well enough in improving the variations in doshas of the body. Further, taking ayurvedic medicines leave no side effects unlike dialysis and possess no threat to life. Ayurvedic treatment is the best alternative to combat the rise in kidney failure cases. If you wish to know more kidney problems, then connect with Doctor Puneet Dhawan, an ayurvedic kidney specialist in Delhi.  His ayurvedic medicines have helped a number of kidney patients in relieving the life-threatening condition.


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