Kidney Failure Leg Swelling | Leg Swelling Due To Kidney Problem

Leg swelling is a major concern in itself. The swelling can be painful and may expand to the upper body as well. The condition makes it an alarming situation where we need to make the right attempts in terms of rectification. The nature is full of surprises and you may not know that how it can provide you with the resources to recover from any disease and ailment. Did you know that Ayurvedic treatment for kidney diseases can help in the eradication of the problem of swollen legs & feet? Or did you know that leg swelling can be caused by kidney diseases?

Well, most of us may not know the reason behind the abnormal and painful increase in the size of the lower body. The best possible reasons can be the accumulation of wastes and toxins in the blood. Now, you must be thinking that how this accumulation of wastes and toxins justifies the reason behind swelling in legs and kidney diseases?

Leg Swelling Major Functions

The researchers have revealed that when the kidneys are down with diseases affects the process of blood filtration. For those who don’t know the roles of kidneys, they perform eight major functions and prove that they are equally important the heart is. The following are the bullet points revealing the functionality of kidneys:

  • Maintaining a fluid balance.
  • Maintaining a perfect pH balance.
  • Filtering or sifting of wastes and harmful toxins.
  • Regulating the balance of electrolytes in the blood.
  • Helping the formation of red blood cells.
  • Transferring the purified blood back to the heart.
  • Converting the wastes into a liquid state that is known as urine.
  • Transferring the produced urine to the bladder with the help of ureter tubes.

When these little bean-shaped organs start to lose their ability to do the task gradually, the waste & toxins present in the blood accumulates and the impure blood then collects in the joints. This is how swelling marks its presence and becomes a cause of many kidney diseases and problems, such as high uric acid, Chronic Kidney Diseases, Proteinuria, etc. In medical terms, swelling in legs is also known as Edema. Edema is the prime symptom of Nephrotic syndrome and secondary symptoms of other kidney diseases. 

What can be the symptoms of swelling in the legs?

The swollen legs are a symptom itself in monitoring and realizing the presence of a disease. Generally, kidney diseases are the prime causes of this condition but here are the supporting symptoms to ensure the need for an Ayurvedic treatment:

  • Pain in legs & feet
  • Redness along with swelling
  • Rashes on the swollen area
  • Numbness

What can be the causes of swelling in the legs?

The causes of swollen legs can be because of kidney dysfunction but here are the best possible reasons:

  • Liver failure
  • Leg vein obstruction
  • Standing for too long
  • Salt retention
  • Accumulation of wastes and toxins
  • Trauma or Injury
  • Side effects of certain medicines

It is a proven theory that if a patient is diabetic then he is more likely to develop kidney disease and swelling in legs and for the same he needs to take care of his legs the most. 

Leg swelling is also common during the period of pregnancy

Leg swelling is also common during the period of pregnancy. It is normal to have swelling at that time and the treatment is done simultaneously. But if the swelling seems to be abnormal then you might have to think for the treatment. These days too much dependence on artificial medicines has taken a rage and like mentioned above are one of the major causes of various diseases. One kidney disorder that women get during pregnancy is preeclampsia. The following will be the associated symptoms of having preeclampsia during pregnancy:-

  • Swelling in face and hands
  • Visionary changes
  • Abnormal or obstructed passing of urine
  • Nausea and vomiting

These medical conditions can be treated but you will need an expert to deal with it. With the bonafide services of Dr. Puneet Dhawan of Karma Ayurveda, you can experience the unseen advantages of his inherited Ayurvedic knowledge. So, if you are looking for an authentic treatment then you must contact him right away for a life-changing incident. Ayurvedic Kidney Disease Treatment of Leg Swelling, Best Ayurveda Medicine for leg swelling and kidney problems


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