Kidney Problems in Adults | Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment in Adults

You can control a diet of an adolescent or toddler, but what about kidney treatment in adults.  The number of renal diseases is increasing in adults because of some of their unhealthy and unstable habits. Due to the changing environment and culture, people have become more sensitive to their physical as well as mental health.  This COVID 19 and other pandemics of 2020 have taught us that nothing is permanent in this world. Stop making assumptions, they make not work. It is better to start caring about your body. Try to eat four healthy meals in a day. Do yoga to keep your body fit and fine. Meditate to keep your mind stress-free.  And,  For your kidney disease take treatment in Ayurveda. 

Now, let’s talk about which habits cause kidney problems in Adults? 

  1. Unhealthy and unstable diet - With this, we mean by skipping breakfast, you are not burning your extra calories. Via this, you are inviting the ailments in your body. You are decreasing the functions of your organs, especially your heart and kidneys. Everyone needs to eat at least three meals of the day. Yes, you can divide your three meals into 4 or 5. But, do not skip any of your meals because that can cause ailments in your body. 
  2. Being a lazy cat - Procrastination is the number one causative factor of every disease. Via not moving your body, you are not only harming your body. But, your laziness can affect the health of your skin. Your laziness is the cause behind your pimples, loose skin, fat, obesity, thyroid, diabetes, high blood pressure, hair fall, or pain in the legs. You may not know that high blood pressure, thyroid, obesity, or diabetes is the leading cause of kidney problems in adults. So, try to be active. 
  3. Overconsumption of sugar and salt - These two eatable things are potent enough to harm your kidneys. They put pressure on the renal system to work more than they usually do. They are also responsible for increasing your diabetes and blood pressure levels. So, whenever you crave for eating sugar or salt, then think about your kidneys. 
  4.  Increased consumption of protein - The huge number of the adult population is GYM-Lovers. They do vigorous exercise for six-pack-abs and for that they consume supplements contain protein or creatine. They might not know that the supplements they are consuming for the fit body can harm their renal system and liver. Yes, there are lacs of body-builders who are ended up with chronic kidney disease. So, try to natural foods that contain protein or creatine. 
  5. Mission out on sleep - Yes, your career is very important, and to achieve your goals, you are toiling hard. But, what about your health? Your sleep is equally important to your career. So, do not ignore the alarm of your body, take proper sleep. It is because missing out on sleep can cause problems that harm your kidneys. 


Habits Are Not Great For Your Kidneys

All these five habits are not great for your kidneys. Along with these habits, the following are some ailments and habits that can cause kidney problems in Adults

  1. Smoking cigarette 
  2. Drinking alcohol 
  3. Stress 
  4. Anxiety 
  5. BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) 
  6. High blood pressure 
  7. Diabetes
  8. Repeated urinary tract infection 
  9. The habit of controlling pee 
  10.  Bladder infection 

In case, if you are facing any of the kidney ailments, then consult at Karma Ayurveda for kidney treatment. 


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