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The signs and symptoms of kidney failure are common in males and females. But, the difference is that the body of women is a little soft in the comparison of men due to menstruation, childbirth, sex, breastfeeding, etc.  After delivering a human, a female body needs to rejuvenate a lot of parts of her body. That may take a long time to complete the task. It is one of the reasons why health problems in females are more in numbers than in males. UTI, gall bladder infection, breast cancer, vaginal bleeding (not related to menstruation), thyroid, obesity, or kidney failure. All these are the health problems that are very common to find in females.  Some females get diabetes or high blood pressure during pregnancy that not only affect the child. But, it also harms the kidneys of a pregnant female. You may not know that diabetes and high blood pressure are the leading causes of kidney failure.

So, if you have blood sugar or hypertension, then keep an eye on the health of your kidneys. And, get KFT (kidney function test) done to know how well your renal system is functioning.  Moving on, the symptoms of kidney failure do not appear in the initial stages. Or you can say that lots of people didn’t recognize the signs of kidney failure. It is because of the lack of knowledge about kidneys and their diseases. Renal diseases are known as silent killers because they do not show any signs and symptoms in the starting.  But, some health problems are prevalent in those who have kidney failure, whether a person is a male or a female. 

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Symptoms of Kidney Failure in Females

  1. Foamy or bubbly urine - This problem prevalent to find in males because of their position of urinating. But, if you are a female and you observe foamy urine, then you should take it seriously. Foamy urine means you are passing protein with the urine. Protein is a nutrient that is vital for healthy bones, skin, muscles, hair, teeth, etc. Protein leaks when the kidney is not doing its work of filtration, or when the level of protein is high in your blood. 

  2. Puffiness around the eyes - It is also a symptom that is common to find in kidney failure patients. It happens because of accumulated toxins in your body. 

  3. High uric acid - It is a sign that your kidneys are not filtering the protein due to which your uric acid is high, and your joints, legs, hands, and back are hurting. High uric acid is also a sign of an elevated level of diabetes.

So, be aware if you are facing any of these health problems, especially if you are a female.


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