Kidney Function | Glomerular Filtration Rate & Kidney Function Test

Do you have a high blood pressure problem? Or, have you ever observed that your urine is foamy or bubbly?  If you are facing the above-mentioned problems, then you should opt for a kidney function test. It is because hypertension or foamy urine is the problem that occurs in kidney disease. Kidneys are the organs of the human anatomy that are responsible to do the following of the works. 

  1. Purify the blood 
  2. Remove the accumulated waste 
  3. Form the urine 
  4. Product hormones 
  5. Control high blood pressure 
  6. Maintain the level of fluids, minerals, and nutrients 
  7. Help the other organs in their work 

These are some of the important job roles of your kidneys. But, what happened when these job roles of the renal system get obstructed?  kidney-health

What are the signs of decreased kidney function? 

When the function of the renal system gets obstructed, then you may notice the following of the health issues. 

  1. High blood pressure or hypertension 
  2. High creatinine level 
  3. High blood urea level 
  4. High uric acid 
  5. Poor appetite 
  6. Poor digestion 
  7. Poor immune system 
  8. Dehydration 
  9. Decreased urine 
  10. Dry or itchy skin 
  11. Protein in the urine 
  12. Blood in the urine 
  13. Swelling in the legs, hands, and stomach 
  14. Pain in the legs, stomach, lower back, and joints
  15. Puffiness around the eyes 
  16. Weakness, tiredness, dizziness, and breathlessness 

Having two or more of these health problems can be a sign of a kidney malfunction. So, you should go for a kidney function test to know the condition of your kidneys.  Ayurvedic-medicine-for-kidney

Kidney Failure Treatment Without Dialysis

If you have kidney disease and you are on dialysis, then consult us. Karma Ayurveda is a ayurvedic kidney care center where you will get complete kidney disease remission. Dr. Puneet Dhawan is the leader of this organization where lacs of kidney patients got relieved from their disease. He and his brilliant team members are toiling to inform people about the causative factors of the disease. People perceive that dialysis is an important part of kidney disease treatment. Kidney failure treatment without dialysis, you cannot get relief from your kidney disease. But, it is a partial truth. Dialysis is a surgery that your doctors do to remove accumulated waste from your body. By using an artificial kidney, doctors purify your blood by excreting the waste. Therefore, there is no chance of rejuvenating and treating your damaged kidney with dialysis. Join us on an excursion into the world of Ayurveda. Here you will get a natural treatment to not only terminate your kidney disease. But also get freedom from the protocol of dialysis or renal replacement therapy.  Ayurvedic kidney treatment is not a convoluted process that takes a lot of time to cure a disease. Along with that, this procedure is easy to follow.  On the off chance, you are facing the above-mentioned health problems, then hold the hand of Ayurveda. 


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