Kidney failure is a medical term used to describe the permanent loss of kidney function. It is a widespread ever growing kidney disorder that results in building up of harmful toxins. The condition of kidney failure has no cure as compared to other kidney ailments. The recommendation of dialysis and a kidney transplant is done to the patients with kidney failure. Review-Karma Ayurveda, Avoid Fraud Kidney Treatment Complaint Feedback The patients with kidney failure are often not aware of the ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure. They use technical methodologies to rectify this problem. These technical methodologies are helpful in reducing the symptoms developed in kidney failure. These symptoms include:
  • Shortness of breath
  • Swelling in the ankles, legs, and feet
  • Decreased urination
  • Blood in the urine

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The natural treatment therapy of Ayurveda aids all kinds of body ailments. The use of herb and natural ingredients is the sole core of Ayurveda as a treatment mechanism. Herbs like shreigu, shirish, varun, milk thistle, etc are organic in nature. These herbs have medicinal properties and great effect on the damaged kidneys. The above-discussed herbs are incorporated in the ayurvedic medicines. These then have no ill effects on the kidney patients and provide permanent cure to them. Review-Karma Ayurveda, Avoid Fraud Kidney Treatment Complaint Feedback Karma Ayurveda is a largely known medical firm that runs under the supervision of Dr. Puneet Dhawan. It uses the techniques of Ayurveda to deal with all kidney impairments and via these modes many kidney patients got cured. A patient name Zakurur from Manipur was battling kidney ailment for a long time. Due to this various symptoms were noticed by her as
  • Swelling in the limbs
  • Difficulty in passing Urine
  • General congestion “Review-Karma Ayurveda, Avoid Fraud Kidney Treatment Complaint Feedback”
She was also put on dialysis for quite a long time (2 sessions in a week). The adoption of Karma Ayurveda medicines helped her to regain her kidney strength. She discovered no more swelling in her limbs, easy passage of urine and no more congestion. Along with this, the frequency of dialysis was also reduced to once a week. These drastic changes helped her get over kidney ailment. “Review-Karma Ayurveda, Avoid Fraud Kidney Treatment Complaint Feedback”

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