When a person’s kidneys are not able to prevent the excretion of protein with urine, that condition is known as proteinuria. Protein is an important mineral that plays many important roles inside our body and is found in everyone’s blood. Albumin is the main protein in the blood which helps in building bones and muscles, maintaining fluid level, and prevention several infections. The condition of proteinuria is linked with many causes that damage the kidneys and affect the functions performed by it. High level of protein in urine signs towards many health disorders such as kidney diseases. It is important for every person to denote the changes in urine and overall health which will help to get on-time treatment. Those who had recognized this running disorder are advised to know about proteinuria diet restrictions and the right treatment. Before discussing the right diet and ayurvedic treatment for proteinuria, it is important to know who can get affected by this.

Who is more likely to face the condition of proteinuria?

As anyone can face the condition of proteinuria, hence it is important for all to know whether they are on risk or not. The major risk factors which make a person likely to face proteinuria are mentioned below:
  • The high blood pressure level
  • Diabetes or high blood sugar level
  • Blood relatives with kidney disease
People who found themselves at risk are advised to be aware of proteinuria diet restrictions and its preventions.

Is it possible to detect the condition of proteinuria earlier?

At the initial stages of kidney disease or disorders, the excretion of protein with urine is less. That means it doesn’t show any symptoms at the initial stages. In that situation, the urine test can help to detect this disorder. Besides this, those who reach the advanced stages of kidney diseases should be aware of the symptoms associated with polycystic kidney disease. These symptoms are:
  • Bubbly and foamy urine which denotes the high level of protein in the urine
  • Swelling in the hands, face, abdomen, feet, and hands due to fluid retention

What are the proteinuria diet restrictions?

People who face any kind of dangerous complication related to health are asked to make the necessary changes in their diet. This might be a hard task but it needs to be done to increases the effectiveness of medicines and work to cure the occurred damage in a fast manner. Here are some of the proteinuria diet restrictions, Karma Ayurveda guides you about Ayurvedic Medicine For Creatinine
  • Restrict your overall protein intake
  • Limit the consumption of sodium or salt
  • Avoid seasoning which contains a high amount of salt
  • Try to eat home-cooked food
  • Prepare food in healthy oils such as olive or coconut oil
  • Skip adding salt in your dinner diet
  • Consume fresh or canned vegetables with no added salt
At Karma Ayurveda, kidney patients get provided with the right medicines, pure herbal treatment and a healthy diet chart that enhances the overall health of a person. Working to keep the patients away from surgical treatments, Karma Ayurveda had earned the trust of many kidney patients.

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