Home remedies: Keep kidney healthy & feat naturally

What is kidney disease?

Kidney disease is a health condition that makes your renal incapable to perform its filtration process. Some kidney diseases do not happen all at once rather slowly in stages based on how well your kidneys are filtering the waste. During the case of illness, Kidney Treatment Naturally works to do some of the functions of the unhealthy kidneys. When your renal fail or may fail, hazardous levels of fluid may pile up inside the bloodstream making it unfair to use by organs such as your heart. The blood which is mixed of impurities cannot be used by the heart and other organs that are frequently dependent on it. Our kidneys are meant to filter waste from the blood, make it clean, and eliminate the extracted waste along with the urine. Urine your body produces is also a by-product of the kidney’s filtration process. To perform such work, each kidney is loaded with a specific set of nephrons present in millions. Further, each nephron is composed of a glomerulus that works in the filtration process. Apart from filtration, the following are the functions that are carried out by them:

  • Keep an overall fluid balance in the body
  • Regulate and sieve out minerals from the blood
  • Remove out by-products of the chemical process that takes place inside the body
  • Create hormones that produce Red Blood Cells, regulate blood pressure, and enhance your bone’s health

Kidney diseases progress in stages, based on your eGFR level and eventually, it leads to kidney failure. The goal of the Kidney Treatment Naturally is to improve the functioning of the kidney without letting you depend on dialysis. Look further...

What are the signs and symptoms of kidney damage?

Having a kidney disease leaves you confusing as the signs and symptoms of kidney disease occur late after the condition has already progressed to the late stages. CKD is also called a silent killer.  Even if you diagnose the condition with the help of urine or a blood test, the doctors suggest dialysis or transplant as a means to sustain life. Remember not to wait for the signs to appear in your body, as early detection means being regular on your routine tests. If you are at risk of CKD, get screened for at least once a year. The earlier the detection, the easy it would be for you to improve your health. Often in many cases, the patients get to know about CKD when they have reached the 3rd or 4th stage of CKD, which is hard to recover. Hence, always look for the following signs in your body:

  • Changes in the urination: With CKD, you may have more or less urination than your normal routine. Any change in the urination process is a tell-tale sign of kidney-related problems.
  • Blood in the urine: Your kidneys may start to leak out red blood cells that make your urine red or dark-colored.
  • Bubbly or foamy urine: Urine that looks like a scrambled egg because of protein leak
  • Swelling in the body: When kidneys are not able to pass out waste from the blood, the fluid retention causes swelling in the hands, feet, and ankles.
  • Panting: The extra fluid build up in the lungs may create a problem when taking breathing
  • Anemia: Low production of red blood cells by your kidneys will result in anemic conditions
  • Pain in the abdomen: Pain near your kidneys that appears frequently or become severe when you move
  • Other potential signs include: high blood pressure, food intolerance, vomiting, difficulty walking, puffy eyes, morning sickness, etc

Connect with your doctor if you find any two or more signs of kidney damage in your body. But these signs should not be confused with other problems in the body. Ayurveda is the best way to work on unhealthy kidneys when you are in the initial as well as the late stages of CKD. The ayurvedic kidney treatment naturally works on the body and does not make you susceptible to the complications of damage.

What are the causes of kidney damage?

Your routine test, urine test, and other tests will help you determine the cause of CKD. There are a number of health conditions that may affect your kidneys, those conditions include:

  • Increased levels of blood sugar
  • Hypertension
  • Overuse of antibiotics like ibuprofen, naproxen, and NSAIDs.
  • Excess consumption of alcohol
  • Excess use of street drugs
  • An infection in the body
  • A family history of kidney disease

These factors put you at a higher risk for kidney damage. If you have certain conditions that increase the risk of kidney damage, it is necessary for you to work on them. Kidney treatment naturally also works to improve those factors, for instance, if you have high blood pressure that is affecting your kidneys, the ayurvedic medicines will also work to regulate the apt level.

10 Ways to keep your kidneys healthy & Feat 

In order to preserve kidney function, it is necessary to adopt some healthy and natural ways to put a period on the risk factors that can directly or indirectly put a threat.

  1. The first step to taking care of your kidneys begins with controlling your blood pressure level. You can protect your kidneys be achieving the blood pressure goal set up by your health care provider. Steps you can take to attain that level include, eating healthy foods, avoid sodium, quit smoking and being regular on your medications.
  2. Similarly, if you are a diabetic patient, check your blood sugar regularly. The A1C is a type of blood test that measures your average diabetic level for the past 3 months. You can avoid food items that can rich in sugar to prevent the adverse levels of blood sugar.
  3. Monitor your kidney’s health by way of some tests, such as:
  • eGFR level
  • Urine albumin test

Kidney disease gets over time and brings regular on your medications will allow you to keep a check on them.

  1. Work with a dietician about to plan a meal that is good for your kidneys. What you eat and drink will protect your kidneys from future adversities. The diet will also reveal what types of nutrients you should be taking when having damaged kidneys. Prefer a dietician who knows well about kidney disease as he will help you prepare your meal from scratch.
  2. Stay hydrated as it is important for you to pass out urine. But if you are already in the chronic stages of kidney damage, ask your healthcare provider about the right quantity of fluid intake for you.
  3. Being overweight means your kidneys have to work hard to eliminate waste and leftovers. Keep an eye on your calorie intake and plan your physical activities accordingly.
  4. Sleep enough, at least for 7 to 8 hours daily. Taking sound and enough sleep is important for the proper functioning of the body. This will allow you to alleviate your stress levels, boost the immune system, and keep you in optimum health.
  5. Quit smoking because this may worsen kidney damage. Restricting smoking will keep your blood pressure to a normal range which is good for your kidneys and heart health.
  6. Limit alcohol as it is likely to put pressure on your kidneys, liver, and heart. If you are habitual to drinking alcohol, you can join some sort of rehab center.
  7. Ayurvedic medicines naturally work to avert kidney disease from the body.

Kidney diseases progress slowly without any warning signs; hence it is important to take the help of an ayurvedic specialist who can provide you the right kidney treatment naturally.


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