A kidney is said to be diseased when it becomes malfunctioned to perform any work. When the filters in the kidney get damaged, they pass out almost everything that comes along the blood through the urine. Sometimes with kidney damage, the body loses certain much-needed components, for instance, protein. That is why a patient should begin with Kidney Treatment in Haryana as soon as they diagnosed any kidney disease.

Types of kidney diseases

Kidney disease refers to the condition that affects the kidneys. Here is a list of different types of kidney diseases:
  1. Acute kidney disease
During AKD, there is a sudden loss of kidney functionality. The functionality of the kidney gets more worst when high levels of waste products accumulate in the blood. When the kidneys are unable to get rid of extra fluid in the urine, many serious complications grows in the body and calls for the need to have a kidney treatment in Haryana. Some of the common causes of AKD are:
  • Medications that affect your kidneys
  • A severe injury
  • Kidney stone
  • A heart failure
  • Obstruction to urine leaving the kidney
Blood, urine tests and ultrasounds are conducted to check the status of kidney function. In many cases, the kidney can be restored to their original health with the help of ayurvedic medicine.
  1. Chronic kidney disease
Chronic kidney disease means lasting damage to the kidney and its filtering units that get worse over time. In the beginning, patients hardly notice any signs in their body but become visible when you move to the chronic stage of kidney failure. The telltale symptoms include swelling in the hands, feet, and ankles and around the face, blood in the urine, the frequency of urine changing, muscles cramp, poor appetite issues and shortness of breath. The complications of kidney failure do not end with having a kidney disease only. As kidneys are the vital organs needed by the body, any illness in them can cause you anemia, heart disease, and fluid buildup. Kidney treatment in Haryana is a better alternative to end up the complications of kidney damage.
  1. Polycystic kidney disease
Polycystic kidney disease is an inherited disease that is associated with a problem in your genes. When you have PKD, a growth called cysts grows inside your kidney. This growth fills up with fluids that are harmful to the body. These cysts grow at a size of 0.5 making your kidney larger than its normal size. You can have thousands of cysts in your kidney at once. People of all ages or gender can have this disease. Cysts are noncancerous however, if not treated on time this disease can lead you to kidney failure.

Clues that someone has polycystic kidney disease

You will only notice the symptoms of PKD as the age passes PKD does not show any visible mark in the beginning. Patients who experience the ill effects of polycystic kidney disease confront below-mentioned abnormalities in the body that are:
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Kidney stones
  • Itchy or dry skin
  • Fatigue body or weakness in the body parts
  • Red or brownish urine because of the presence of blood
  • Abnormalities in nails
  • Joint pain
  • Pain in the back and side of your body

How to diagnose PKD

It is imperative to detect the size and the number of kidney cysts you have as this will help you a lot during the polycystic kidney disease treatment in Haryana. Further, tests are conducted to evaluate the amount of healthy kidney tissue to know how kidneys are functioning. These tests include: Ayurvedic treatment for kidney diseases can help eliminate the consequences of kidney damage from your body in a very convenient way with useful herbs from nature. Ayurveda is a natural way to cure human ailment without leaving any side –effects on the body. Karma Ayurveda has saved more than 35000 patients until now with its Kidney treatment in Ayurveda Its progressive approach to cure kidney problems with natural medicines and herbs that have healing effects on the mind, body and soul is working efficaciously. If you want to bring the therapeutical benefits of Ayurveda in your life, then approach Karma Ayurveda!

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