Role of kidneys

Kidneys are the vital organs of the body and perform some crucial functions such as the filter of waste and excess water from the blood. They also perform additional functions like maintaining blood production and balancing the acids in the body. However, due to the changing lifestyle, the rate of kidney problems is increasing in middle and old age people. Kidney Infection In Cancer Patients, Ayurvedic Treatment.

What is a kidney infection?

It is an unpleasant illness that can become very serious if not treated on time. Most infection develops from the bladder and travels up to the tube between the bladder and kidneys. Some kidney infection may develop without a bladder infection; there can be other causes of prolonged disease or condition like cancer or tumor. “Kidney Infection In Cancer Patients, Ayurvedic Treatment”.

Kidney Infection in Cancer Patients

Cancer patients are more likely to develop the infection while treatment. A kidney infection can occur when the body is invaded by bacteria, viruses, and fungi.  They spread fast to kidneys due to a weak immune system in cancer patients. A cancer patient goes through chemotherapy which lowers down white cells which are responsible for fighting the infection. The kidneys of cancer patients become more prone to urinary tract infection, blood infection and kidney infection. “Kidney Infection In Cancer Patients, Ayurvedic Treatment”.

Symptoms of kidney infection

It is easy to figure out the signs of kidney infection as it is a fast progressive disease, such as:

  • High and mild fever
  • Shaking chills
  • Pain in the chest
  • Shortness of breath
  • Confusion
  • Severe a headache
  • Muscle cramps and stiff neck
  • Blood, foamy and dark-colored urine
  • Swelling in the parts of the body
  • Pain in abdomen and back
  • Painful and burning sensation while urination
  • Itching or vaginal discharge

Diagnosis test to be taken

If the above symptoms prevail for long, an immediate kidney test needs to be taken. Test like dipstick urine test involves sampling urine that can show the signs of infection. This test mainly shows if the kidneys have no signs of infection. Another test like blood-urine test also confirms the germ causing the infection. It is best to take the advice of a physician while one is facing these problems along with cancer. “Kidney Infection In Cancer Patients, Ayurvedic Treatment”.

Kidney infection treatment

Most people in initial stages goes for a long course of prescribed medicines in initial stages. If the infection has advanced to a higher stage and has spread to the kidneys, immediate treatment is required. If the kidneys completely lose its functions, the person opts for dialysis. Dialysis is an artificial treatment for removing the waste that is build up in the body. However, it doesn’t cure the problem of infection. “Kidney Infection In Cancer Patients, Ayurvedic Treatment”.

How can Ayurveda help?

Ayurveda is an ancient science of treating physical ailments. Ayurvedic treatment makes use of herbal medicines and prehistoric techniques. One of the best centers for Ayurvedic kidney infection treatment is Karma Ayurveda. It was started in 1937 with the motto of providing the best herbal treatment. It has developed a brand name in the world by successfully treating thousands of kidney and liver patients. “Kidney Infection In Cancer Patients, Ayurvedic Treatment”.


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