How Ayurvedic Treatment Good for Polycystic Kidney Disease?

Polycystic kidney disease(PKD) is a kind of hereditary disease that is formed due to the formation of fluid filled cysts in the kidney. Ayurveda always works on the root cause of the disease and offered permanent solution to the disease so that patient can live a normal life with the help of natural medications.

“ There are two methods that cover in the treatment of PKD that are effective and safe option to choose.”

1. Osmotherapy

Osmotherapy is the most effective natural treatment for the PKD. It is also known as micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy. In this treatment, the medications are used on the external part of the body rather than oral form. The treatment is organic and natural. In this process, the herbs are used; they are grinded in the powdered form and collected in the herbal bag. Then these herbal bags are socked in the mixture and then heated. Then this herbal hot bag is applied on the waist of the patient. They are effective and give relive to the patient as well.

“ It helps in: ”

  • It gives relieves to the pain
  • Repair the damaged tissue of the patient’s kidney
  • It help the cysts to shrink naturally
  • Sleep quality enhance
  • Better appetite
  • Low blood pressure

2. Uva Ursi

It is a kind of herbal natural treatment of this disorder. In this process, the herbs of rock berry or bearberry are used for the treatment process. It is best for the urinary infections also.

3. Herbal tea works best in the treatment of the PKD in the patients.

4. Garlic is the best thing to consume if you are suffering from PKD. It reduces the oxidative stress and help in reducing the size of the cysts in the kidney.

5. Patient must consume fresh fruits and vegetables in the treatment of PKD.

6. Fiber content in the diet must be increase in order to keep the kidney free from cysts and other infections

7. Patient must limit the amount of fat in the diet.

8. Food products rich in Vitamin D works best in the treatment of PKD.

9. Soya protein is best for the treatment of PKD. It may include tofu, miso, and tempeh.

10. Spinach, beets, eggplants must be avoided.

Karma ayurveda focus on the treatment procedure of PKD through natural procedures and with the use of balance diet tips.

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