Chronic Kidney Disease treatment in Ayurveda

We have to comprehend that kidney failure never occurs all at once. They are disseminated in many stages and each stage has its own symptoms and treatment measures. In order to be acquainted with the treatment of these chronic kidney problems, it is very imperative to recognize the diverse stages it has and how they differ from each other. Chronic kidney tribulations fall in 5 main stages. It is always better to look for treatment at the untimely stages to get better and faster results.

If the doctor wants to understand Chronic Kidney Disease treatment in Ayurveda the precise stage that the kidney patient is suffering from, then the Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is the finest measure to be taken into consideration. It is the result that is available in the numeric term that is used to placing the kidney problem of the patient in the correct stage so that they can be treated accordingly. When doctor calculates this GFR, then he often asks the age, gender, and other factors. In the pre-treatment procedure, doctors also solicit the patient to bring the blood report to know the creatinine level.

“ The stage of the kidney stage understanding includes: ”chronic kidney disease graph




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