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Kidney Disease Can Cause Hypertension

Kidney disease can cause Hypertension
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Kidney disease and hypertension are directly proportional to each other. The change in one affects the other and can lead to drastic results. High blood pressure is a commonly used term for Hypertension. This condition is characterized by an elevated blood pressure of the body that is diagnosed by regular keeping a check on the rate of BP. Kidney disease is caused due to partial loss of renal function that when aggravates can result in renal failure. Kidney disease can cause Hypertension. Kidneys are bean-shaped organs that perform various functions like the formation of urine that contains all the waste, toxins and excess water of the body and also regulates the blood flow and blood pressure of the body. Their inability to perform these major functions can cause hypertension.


In kidney disease when the blood vessels supplying blood to the kidneys damage and stop removing waste and extra fluid from the body. the accumulated extra fluid adds volume to the blood causing and simultaneously increases the blood pressure that creates a dangerous cycle of kidney disease and hypertension. There are a number of risk factors involved in flaring up these conditions. These include smoking/ tobacco, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol levels, excessive alcoholism and increasing age. Kidney disease can cause Hypertension”.

The symptoms associated with dysfunctioning of the kidneys include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • drowsiness
  • mental confusion
  • sleep disorders
  • change in the number of passing urine in a day
  • dry skin
  • headaches
  • unexplained weight loss
  • muscular cramps
  • shortness of breath
  • chest pain
  • edema in ankle, legs, puffed face  “Kidney disease can cause Hypertension”.

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There are various preventive measures that should be catered to aid hypertension caused due to kidney disorder. These include healthy eating, physical activity, maintaining a healthy weight, quitting smoking, managing stress. A right kind of diet helps in controlling the blood pressure level and slowing down the rate of progression of the kidney disease. The main pointers that one should keep in mind while planning a diet should include: Kidney disease can cause Hypertension

  • Is low in fat and cholesterol
  • Features fat-free or low-fat milk and dairy products, fish, poultry, and nuts
  • Suggests less red meat, sweets, added sugars, and sugar-containing beverages
  • Is rich in nutrients, protein, and fiber


Ayurveda, a scientific approach that deals with all body related ailments by the use of herbs and naturally grown ingredients that comprise medicinal properties, and cause no harm to the body. Ayurveda is a union of mind, body, and soul. It believes that doshas when to accumulate they lead to multiple diseases caused by the human body, and are best treated with the use of organic medicines and medicated plants. “Kidney disease can cause Hypertension”.

KARMA AYURVEDA, a renowned hospital in Ayurveda sector, is headed by DR. PUNEET DHAWAN, who has expertise in dealing with kidney related disorders by natural and herbal techniques that do not have any ill effects on the body and revive the cells of the kidneys without putting them on dialysis or kidney transplant.

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