Karma Ayurveda Review: Deep Kumari

  Creatinine level reduced from 1.8 mg/dL to 1.2 mg/dL Kidney diseases had taken a drastic change with which a number of patients are now affected. All the kidney patients are compelled to go for allopathic treatment or painful surgeries as they are unable to find any natural solution for it. The natural kidney treatment provided by Karma Ayurveda is bringing the right solution to such patients. Running by Dr. Puneet Dhawan, this institution is proficient to provide kidney treatment without dialysis to the patients. Working as the leading ayurvedic institution since 1937, Karma Ayurveda had earned the trust of many kidney patients who get cured by pure natural treatment. It is the only institution that never asks the kidney patients to be far away from painful surgeries.

Video description:

The patient's name in the video is Deep Kumari. She had come straight from Bhutan to meet Dr. Puneet Dhawan with her loved ones. She was facing a number of complications linked with chronic kidney disease and was in search for the utmost treatment of it. Deep Kumari (the patient) was taking the allopathic treatment for long but found it ineffective at all. Then her relative tells about ayurvedic kidney treatment offered by Karma Ayurveda. The patient found the medicines effective and helpful. Here are the complications which the patient was facing, before getting the natural kidney treatment from Dr. Puneet Dhawan:
  • Weakness and body pain
  • Swelling in ankles, feet, and legs
  • High creatinine level
  • High blood sugar level
  • Less concentration
Within three months of getting the ayurvedic treatment from Karma Ayurveda, the patient feels an amazing change in her health. The creatinine level which was denoted to be 1.8 before gets reduced to 1.2. The patient is now out of the dialysis protocol and is living a healthy life.

Certificate no- AH-2023-0186

JAN 05,2023-JAN 04,2026

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