Patient name: Chander Prakash Kidneys are the vital organs in one’s body which help in the removal of toxins and waste. This removal of waste is necessary as it keeps the body away from diseases. When a person gets diagnosed with kidney diseases, the two kidneys inside his body start getting damaged. This damage supports kidney dysfunction which let the waste to build up inside the body. In this situation, people search for any natural kidney treatment but get failed and have to move towards dialysis. “Karma Ayurveda Reviews & Complaint, Avoid Fake, Fraud Kidney Treatment” At Karma Ayurveda, Dr. Puneet Dhawan shows the right way of kidney treatment to patients. He is aimed towards the motto “stop kidney dialysis” and is providing the kidney treatment without dialysis to kidney patients. Karma Ayurveda is the only ayurvedic institution for kidney disease, which clearly states the surgical treatments wrong. With the right medications and healthy diet tips, this institution is solving people’s problems since 1937.

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The reports of patient Chander Prakash shows how the ayurvedic kidney treatment from Karma Ayurveda restored the damaged parts of the kidneys. The patient was suffering from chronic kidney disease and had taken dialysis 5 times. Here are the major complications which the patient was facing before Karma Ayurveda Reviews & Complaint, Avoid Fake, Fraud Kidney Treatment
  • Pain in the lower abdomen and sides
  • Weakness
  • High creatinine level
  • Less concentration
At Karma Ayurveda, Dr. Puneet Dhawan helps the patient to get rid of the pain by providing kidney treatment without dialysis. The creatinine level was 12 which get reduced to 4 after getting the proper ayurvedic kidney treatment from Karma Ayurveda. The patient also shows no need to go for dialysis from when he started the ayurvedic kidney treatment. There are many other examples of kidney patients who get treated successfully by the natural kidney treatment offered by Karma Ayurveda. “Karma Ayurveda Reviews & Complaint, Avoid Fake, Fraud Kidney Treatment”

Certificate no- AH-2023-0186

JAN 05,2023-JAN 04,2026

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