Kidney disease

The kidneys are in a pair and shaped like beans, they act as the body’s waste filtration system. They filter the waste from the blood all day long. Excess water and unwanted chemicals or waste in the blood are disposed of like urine. Karma Ayurveda Review/complaints- Patient Vijay Kumar, Pathankot

Signs and symptoms

Kidney disease is commonly called a ‘silent disease’ as there are no visible symptoms till advanced stages. In fact, the signs may not appear until after losing half of the kidneys’ functionality before experiencing any symptoms. Some signs and symptoms include blood in the urine, high blood pressure, pain in the back, changes in urine pattern, tiredness, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, general feeling of being unwell, bad breath, metallic taste in the mouth and pain while passing the urine. Karma Ayurveda Review/complaints- Patient Vijay Kumar, Pathankot As the above symptoms stay for long, one should immediately go for diagnosis. The confirmation of the disease calls for proper treatment. Ayurvedic treatment from Karma Ayurveda has proven to be very effective for many kidney patients. The story of one such patient is mentioned ago. “Karma Ayurveda Review/complaints”- Patient Vijay Kumar. Video description:  Karma Ayurveda Review/complaints- Patient Vijay Kumar, Pathankot: -The patient name is Vijay Kumar from Pathankot and he has been suffering from kidney problem for a long time. He tried many medicines along with dialysis, however, it showed no improvement.  The patient took 3 months dialysis and was ready to surgically insert fistula to go for further dialysis. However, he went for a better option as he came to Karma Ayurveda for treatment. Before treatment: according to the reports of Dr. Lal Path Labs before treatment, the patient clearly showed uremic symptoms such as loss of appetite, dry and itchy skin and weakness
  • high creatinine- 7.03
  • urea-115.06
After treatment- after just 1 month of Ayurvedic treatment from karma Ayurveda, the creatinine dropped to 5.24, urea- 100.09 and hemoglobin- 10.02 In the current final Diagnosis:
  • 5 months- 4.82
  • urea- 91.7
  • Physically fit
  • appetite improved
  • increase in diet
Analysis:  After the patient took the proper course of Ayurvedic medicines and followed the guidelines by Dr. Puneet Dhawan his condition improved. The body started showing a decreasing trend in creatinine, the GFR improved and uremic symptoms vanished. There was also no further need for dialysis. One can easily stop dialysis after taking a proper course of herbal treatment from Karma Ayurveda. Karma Ayurveda Reviews/complaints- Patient Vijay Kumar, Pathankot.

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