Kidney disease is letting a number of people to approach dialysis and kidney transplant like procedures. But people who are approaching such procedures are actually making a big mistake. Karma Ayurveda is working since 1937 to make people aware that allopathic treatment has no other solution to kidney disease besides dialysis and kidney transplant. This is the only kidney care institution which is providing natural and effective treatment to kidney patients since 1937 and had freed them artificial procedures, which can be a cause of death for anyone. After getting ayurvedic kidney disease treatment people get free from every health complication permanently. Mrs. Madhubala is one such kidney patient from Haryana who was facing the complications of kidney disease and was advised to approach dialysis and kidney transplant like procedures by the allopathic doctors. In the above video, she explained about the health complications which had trapped her strongly. The patient also describes how ayurvedic kidney disease treatment helps in the permanent elimination of all such health disorders. But the above video also states that how the patient got to know about this health disorder only when she notices the symptoms of kidney stones. This is the reason why we at Karma Ayurveda ask every individual to get timely health checkups done. Dr. Puneet Dhawan saves the patient from artificial procedures and also describes how herbs can free us all from different kidney related disorders. Chronic kidney disease ayurvedic treatment provided by Karma Ayurveda not only freed the patient from every health complication but also bring the level of different compounds in range. Patient’s creatinine level which was 8.0mg/dl before got reduced to 4.0mg/dl after ayurvedic kidney disease treatment. Well, here Mrs. Madhubala (a kidney patient) is not alone, but there are more than 35000 kidney patients who goodbye kidney disease and dialysis-like procedure since 1937. Those who are approaching allopathic treatment are advised to say yes to the natural way provided by Ayurveda which has the capabilities to treat kidney failure with herbs.

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