Today a large number of people are battling with kidney failure. This dangerous condition of Kidneys can be fatal when not treated in time. Long lasting medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes or any heart disease can lead to the condition of kidney failure. This traumatizing condition is described as a permanent loss of kidney function. Due to this the blood filtration process is not conducted thoroughly and toxins tend to build up. Avoid Fake or Fraud Feedback and complaints - Karma Ayurveda Review Allopaths provide a lifelong management of the disease of kidney failure. This is done by taking up dialysis and a kidney transplant. These two are the most opted forms of kidney treatments because people are not aware of the other existing ayurvedic treatments. There are multiple types of symptoms that are noticed in patients with kidney failure. The commonly seen are:
  • Shortness of breath
  • Swelling in the ankles, legs, and feet
  • Blood in the urine
  • Decreased urination

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The above-discussed list of symptoms clearly states that kidneys are working abnormally. Its treatment basically aims at reducing the pace of damage caused to the kidneys. Ayurveda fulfills this parameter by providing ayurvedic medicines and healthy renal diets to kidney failure patients. It offers a treatment mechanism that is nature-based and kidney-friendly. Avoid Fake or Fraud Feedback and complaints - Karma Ayurveda Review, The right eating pattern offered by Ayurveda greatly affects the damaged kidneys and accelerates its speed of recovery. The best kidney treatment hospital in India called the Karma Ayurveda is a well-established centre that provides organic aid for any kidney ailment. The centre is currently led by Dr. Puneet Dhawan, India’s best Ayurveda practitioner. The centre is widely known for multiple ayurvedic treatments for kidney diseases. “Avoid Fake or Fraud Feedback and complaints - Karma Ayurveda Review” A patient from Kolkata named Bijay Das battled with chronic kidney disease for a long time. His creatinine levels are at a rise during this condition. He also noticed some commonly occurring symptoms such as a problem in walking, difficulty in breathing etc. His initial reports measured serum creatinine to be 5.6mg/dl. After adopting a three months course of ayurvedic medicines his creatinine dropped to 3.8mg/dl. With this remarkable improvement, he noticed zero symptoms and felt physically fit than before. Such treatment success makes karma team a trustworthy centre for all other kidney patients. “Avoid Fake or Fraud Feedback and complaints - Karma Ayurveda Review”

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