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Debunking myths about karma Ayurveda’s pissed consumer complaints

Karma Ayurveda is a prestigious name in the field of Ayurveda. Since 1937, we have been dedicatedly working to providing the best ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure across the nation and even in foreign lands. It is the patient’s trust that has allowed us to come this far and hold more than 48000 kidney patients under our success stories. We believe the Ayurvedic lifestyle helps eliminate the risk of various complications post kidney failure. No other treatment, like dialysis and transplant, can help a kidney patient as much as Ayurveda does. Our focus on treatment like Ayurveda has created outbursts in the allopathic industry for people think we are using false treatment approaches in the name of Ayurveda. 

It is natural to expect false allegations and comments when you are doing so much for society. Many fake accounts acting as a patient do comment negatively on our treatment or medications. It is to be cleared that our ayurvedic medications are never imported from manufacturers. In fact, they are prepared in-house based on the specific treatment a person needs. Only authentic and rare herbs are used in the herbal treatment for kidney disease, the reason why ayurvedic medicine may cost you a little high. Rare is always authentic and costly too. Perhaps, such comments come from fake people who want to spread negativity about us. 

Further, we believe in two-way communication from patients to us and us to the patients. We have a 24*7 helpline service, where patients if they think they need any dietary advice, we are available. And only authentic service will hold onto after treatment services. Had we been fake, we would not have offered services after the treatments for almost 80 years by now. 

We have patients from outside India also. They came to us because they believe in the powers of Ayurveda and got better. None of the patient reports we show in the testimonials are spurious and hold false justification. Doctor Puneet Dhawan has appeared on televisions before for his noble work towards society. You can go through our website to know how we have been helping patients with our authentic and reliable treatment approach. 

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