Creatinine was 5.2 and is 2.6 mg/dL

Kidneys are vital organs for our body to sustain a healthy body. Our kidneys can be infected or diseased if we do not take care of them. For instance, a person with high blood pressure needs to take care of his diet because this can cause him with kidney disease or kidney failure. There are two main reasons behind kidney-related issues – first is diabetes, and the second is high blood pressure. An individual with high sugar level and high blood pressure should follow a healthy diet to stay safe from kidney disease or kidney failure. In case, if you are suffering from the issues related to the kidneys, then consult Dr. Puneet Dhawan for kidney treatment in Ayurveda. Yes, Ayurveda is the only method which works to heal the disease from its formation without using pain full procedures like dialysis or a kidney transplant. Here is a story of a patient who has taken Ayurvedic treatment for kidney disease at Karma Ayurveda in the supervision of Dr. Puneet Dhawan. The patient name Mrs. Sarla Devi from Delhi was facing kidney disease and its complications such as weakness, loss of hunger, tiredness, and fever. That time the patient was on Allopathic medications, but not getting satisfied results. When the patient family got to know about Ayurvedic treatment for kidney disease in Delhi, they consult Dr. Puneet Dhawan. You will be astonished to know that – After taking Ayurvedic medications, and healthy diet, the patient is physically healthy and able to sustain her house chore work.  Her creatinine reduced to 2.6 from 5.2 mg/dL, which was constantly increasing when she was taking Allopathic medication. Karma Ayurveda again proved that Ayurveda has the strength to provide you with a permanent solution for kidney disease or kidney failure. Here, Dr. Puneet Dhawan cured 35000 plus kidney patients with his knowledge and expertise of Ayurveda. He has successfully cured those patients who have taken dialysis once or thrice in a weak. Ayurveda has no side effects like Allopathic treatment. “The truth is that, at present, kidney patients only have to take Ayurveda medications, which have sumptuous benefits.” On the off chance, if you or anyone in your known is facing kidney-related problems, then contact Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda for kidney treatment in Ayurveda.

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