Many people are facing problems correlated with kidney disease. It is a remedial emergency which can cause kidney failure if stay unprocessed. Along these sides, it is elementary for a person with kidney disease to think about the symptoms acknowledged with kidney disease and accurate treatment. Kidney disease can cause you with kidney failure which requires dialysis or a kidney transplant.  Most of the time kidney patients select allopathic treatment to get relief from the disease but, approximately 35000+ kidney patients had gotten benefits from ayurvedic kidney disease treatment from Karma Ayurveda. Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment works on healing the causes of the disease but, allopathic consultant only works on the symptoms of the disease. That is why a patient from Bihar, Sitamarhi met Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda. Mrs. Roshan Khatun who belongs to Bihar, Sitamarhi was facing complications associated with the kidney such as swelling in different body parts, weakness, breathing problem, poor appetite, body pain, and nausea. When she arrived in Karma Ayurveda, her creatinine level was 4.5, and the phosphorus level was 5 but, after consuming ayurvedic natural herbs prescribed by Doctor Puneet Dhawan her creatinine reaches to 2.6. According to her husband “After taking kidney disease treatment from Karma Ayurveda she is feeling well. Ayurvedic treatment provides her with assistance from the causes of kidney disease. Now, she didn’t feel body pain, poor appetite, and weakness. Dr. Puneet Dhawan prescribed her to eat healthy food, and try to avoid canned fruits or veggies, manage salt intake, and practice yoga.” When we arrive at Karma Ayurveda, we get to know that Ayurveda has various options to heal kidney disease and to stop its causes. Dr. Puneet Dhawan discovers the correct cause in charge of the disease and expels from its fundamental drivers. Karma Ayurveda guide on the subject of the natural and organic treatment of kidney illness, and the accurate diet plan that assists the patient to refurbish the damaged kidney. Dr. Puneet Dhawan suggests natural or home-made medicines which liberated from metals, steroids, and manufactured mixes. These ingredients reduce the creatinine and urea level without any horrific impacts. Karma Ayurveda works in a way through which a kidney patient does not need to go for any false treatment or procedure. Being the essential Ayurvedic kidney care organization Karma Ayurveda acknowledges treating all minor or valid kidney problem utilizing natural techniques.

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