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Kidney disease drives you insane by the scare of losing your life, consequences of the remedy, damages, and the worry that you won’t get treatment that smooth. Individuals with kidney disease take renal replacement therapy (dialysis or kidney transplantation) and tolerate their side effects. Some of the kidney patients are taking ayurvedic treatment for kidney disease in Karma Ayurveda by Doctor Puneet Dhawan kidney specialist and able to feel independent from the problems of the disease without dialysis. Dr. Puneet Dhawan nephrologists are the one who saved the life of 35000 plus kidney patients and still working his best. Let's go further to read a patient review for your reference that got profited from ayurvedic medicines by Karma Ayurveda. Mr. Purna Narayan who belongs to Kathmandu, Nepal comes to Dr. Puneet Dhawan after tried allopathic kidney treatment. Mr. Purna Narayan was experiencing the stage of kidney failure and struggling with various dangerous health dilemmas. His creatinine level was very high which caused him a weakness, poor appetite (when you have a reduced urge to eat), body pain, lack of concentration, sleep problems, and nausea. He tried a lot of allopathic treatment to get relief from this disease but, he was not able to found a permanent solution for his problem. By taking ayurvedic kidney failure treatment from Dr. Puneet Dhawan in Karma Ayurveda, he noticed the changes in his reports which are as follow -
  • When he comes to Doctor Puneet Dhawan, his creatinine level was 5.5mg/dl before but, after using natural herbs got reduced to 4.5mg/dl
  • His blood urea level was 147md/dl before but, after using ayurvedic medicines got reduced to 131mg/dl.
Kidney disease not only affects the life of the patient but, also disturb his life, family, and work. Mr. Purna Narayan didn't want to waste his life being affected with kidney disease because of which his family also faces trouble. He is now able to live his life and to perform his day-to-day life routine including his job. Doctor Puneet Dhawan’s kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda is healthful and helpful in healing the health of the kidney which is why he is known as one of the best nephrologists. Dr. Puneet Dhawan in Karma Ayurveda, work on cure high creatinine level in the body with natural herbs which is healthy for the kidneys and the body unlike, renal replacement therapy such as dialysis or kidney transplantation which is a short-term solution to stop kidney problems. Dr. Dhawan treats kidney problems by using herbs and further, he prescribes a diet to prevent causes of the kidney disease. To continue a healthy life with healthy kidneys, you can contact Dr. Puneet Dhawan in Karma Ayurveda. If you and anyone in your known are experiencing kidney related problems, they should avoid kidney dialysis and take ayurvedic kidney treatment in Karma Ayurveda.

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