Creatinine decreased from 1.8 to 1.4 mg/dL

Nowadays, kidney related problems are very casual due to the unhealthy diet and hectic lifestyle. Our kidneys work to clean off the blood by excreting waste materials, toxic substances, and extra fluid from the blood through the urine. When the kidneys are suffering from a disease or an infection, they cannot complete their work that may cause lots of health problems. Following are the problems happen due to unhealthy kidneys – 1. High blood pressure, 2. Urinary tract infection, 3. Skin problems, 4. Weakness or fatigue, 5. Loss of hunger, 6. Anemia 7. Protein in the urine (due to Proteinuria) 8. Blood in the urine 9. Swelling in the body parts 10. Mental stress These are a few health issues correlated with kidney disease or kidney failure. In case, if you or anyone in your known is facing any of the underlying problems, then contact Dr. Puneet Dhawan for Ayurvedic treatment to recover kidney functions naturally. Yes, Ayurveda is an ancient technique that has the capacity to heal disease naturally without any noxious side effects, akin, Allopathic treatment. Here is a story of a kidney patient, who took Ayurvedic treatment for a kidney disorder. The example of this patient is evidence for everyone who does not believe that Ayurveda treatment is also a better option to get rid of kidney related problems. The patient Mrs. Nisha, belonging to Uttar Pradesh, was suffering from the problem of protein loss, weakness, high creatinine level, and high urea level. When she visited at Karma Ayurveda, her creatinine and urea level was 1.8 and 54 mg/dL. That time she was on Allopathic medications, though; didn’t get pleasant results. That is the reason she chose to take Ayurvedic treatment to recover kidney function naturally. Presuppose what happened when the patient starts taking Ayurvedic medications and by following a kidney-friendly diet. • Creatinine level reduced to 1.4mg/dL • Urea level decreased to 50mg/dL • Prevent the problem of protein loss That is how Ayurvedic medications work to heal kidney patients without using any variety of Allopathic treatment. Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda has successfully healed 35000 kidney patients. Till now, he is continuously giving natural and organic treatment to more kidney patients. On the off chance, that you are suffering from kidney related issues, and then contact Dr. Dhawan for Ayurvedic treatment to recover kidney function naturally and live a disease-free life.


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