Nephrotic syndrome is not a disease rather a symptom symbolizes that something is not well with the kidneys. A person with nephrotic syndrome will lose protein from the blood through the urine. Nephrotic syndrome happens due to the damage clusters of small blood vessels in the kidneys that filter and excrete waste from the blood. Kidneys filter waste materials, extra fluid, and toxic substances from the blood to eliminate them through the urine, but when the kidney eliminates a high amount of protein from the blood that is nephrotic syndrome. Protein is necessary for healthy muscles, bones, teeth, skin, hairs, and much more. Without protein, our body cannot grow, and we may feel fragile to perform household chores and more. That is why treatment for nephrotic syndrome is essential, but it is also crucial to approach the right treatment. Ayurveda becoming the right method by which you can get rid of your disease. Here is a cited instance of a kidney patient, who was taking Ayurvedic treatment for nephrotic syndrome. The patient Mrs. Anju Kumari was suffering from nephrotic syndrome from the last 8 years, but she didn’t get a permanent solution for it. Before Ayurvedic treatment, she took Allopathic treatment but didn’t have satisfying results. That time when she took Allopathic medications, protein loss in the range of 100mg/dL, and she was was too suffering from the complications of a nephrotic syndrome like weakness, dizziness, and mental stress. Guess what – After taking Ayurvedic medications, and by following a kidney-friendly diet plan, the patient recovered from the problem of protein loss and the entire treatment took up to 40 days to resuscitate properly. If she didn’t get the right treatment at the right time, this disease could be turned into chronic advancing to acute renal failure. Once again, Dr. Puneet Dhawan has proved that Ayurvedic treatment can provide you with relief from kidney related problems. Dr. Dhawan uses Ayurvedic herbs, yogic science, and a healthy diet plan, instead of NSAIDs to cure his patients. Karma Ayurveda has become one of the best kidney care treatment center, where more than 35000 kidney patients got relieved from kidney disease or kidney failure. On the off chance, if you or anyone in your known is suffering from the issues correlated with the kidneys, then consult Dr. Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda for kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda.


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