Karma Ayurveda Kidney Patient Name – Mrs. Subarna Kalandi

Creatinine level decreased from 3.08 to 1.4mg/dL

Patient Name – Mrs. Subarna Kalandi Chronic kidney disease is a longstanding kidney disease that can lead to kidney failure. This disease often has no signs and symptoms in the initial stages. There are five stages of CKD that defines how well your kidneys are working. Stage 5 of CKD is known as end-stage renal disease or kidney failure. Allopathic treatment can help but does not cure CKD permanently. On the other hand, Ayurveda has proved that CKD is not invincible. In the post underneath, you will get to can Ayurveda help treat chronic kidney disease. The patient Mrs. Subarna Kalandi from Odisha has chronic kidney disease due to which her creatinine level increased to 3.08mg/dL. To get rid of CKD, Mrs. Subarna has tried various Allopathic medicines and treatments but didn't get any positive results. After trying her luck everywhere, she contacted Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda for Ayurvedic treatment. Mrs. Subarna, during her research for the best treatment for CKD, got to know about Karma Ayurveda and its Ayurvedic treatment. With the help of Ayurvedic treatment, Mrs. Subarna's high creatinine level reduced to 1.4 mg/dL, and she also got relieved from the symptoms related to the disease. Through Ayurvedic medications, Mrs. Subarna's kidneys are rejuvenated and free from CKD. Again and again, Dr. Puneet Dhawan is proving that creatinine ayurvedic medicine are the only way through which kidney survivors can live a disease-free life. Ayurvedic medications are made up of natural herbs and ingredients that is why there are no specific side effects of consuming them. Dr. Puneet Dhawan is a renowned Ayurvedic nephrologist. His knowledge and expertise in Ayurvedic science have helped numerous kidney patients get rid of dialysis protocol. Thousands of times, Dr. Puneet Dhawan, has proved that with the help of Ayurvedic science, kidney survivors get relief from their kidney disease. These days' people are again adopting Ayurvedic remedies for their minor to severe health problems. On the off chance, you have kidney-related problems and then head to Karma Ayurveda for kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda.


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