Karma Ayurveda Kidney Patient Name - Mr. Shahaj Ram

Creatinine level reduce from 6.90 mg/dL to 4.10 mg/dL

It is normal for a person with healthy kidneys to lead a sound life, but those with nonfunctional kidneys have to work extra hard to do even normal chores. Mr. Shahaj who got diagnosed with kidney disease had to take the help of two people to get over from the bed. In the year 2018, his doctors told him that his kidneys could not be recovered but as he consulted Doctor Puneet Dhawan in Aug 2019 things changed differently for him. On 1st Aug 2019, Shahaj Ram approached Karma Ayurveda with his family for his problem related to the kidney disease. Upon consultation, he started taking the ayurvedic medications as prescribed to him, and he diligently followed a renal diet (a part of the ayurvedic treatment). With just a couple of days, he felt improvement in his physical and emotional outlook. Now he can sit, stand, walk, and have food, without any support from his family members. Reports before the treatment as on 27th July 2019 Creatinine: 6.90 mg/dL Uric acid: 9.00 mg/dL Urea: 302 mg/dL Reports after the treatment as on 26th Aug 2019: Creatinine: 4.10 mg/dL Uric acid: 3.80 mg/dL Urea: 86 mg/dL The reports showed a drastic improvement in his health and all the kidney function tests had reached the normal level within 3 weeks of the treatment. Although he still needs to take these medications for a couple of months to make sure that the kidneys rejuvenate completely and the damage to the cells and tissues is recovered. Karma Ayurveda is an eight-decade old ayurvedic kidney care hospital-based out in Delhi, India. Since 1937, the forefathers of Doctor Puneet Dhawan have been working to slow down the manifestations of kidney disease into kidney failure. He is the fifth generation of his family who is working diligently to stop the artificial procedures like dialysis and organ transplant from the lives of the kidney dialysis and replace them with completely natural therapy. The ayurvedic treatment to cure kidney disease is completely based out of the herbal extracts like Kaasni, Punarnava, Shirish, and many more to prompt the healthy nature of the kidneys once again. With the consumption of ayurvedic medicines, the patients feel positive in their physical and emotional health. The herbal extracts also tend to assure that the risk factors which pose a threat to the kidneys also get healed so that the disease does not surge again. Fix your appointment with us!


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