Karma Ayurveda Kidney Patient Name – Mr. Raj Bhadur Singh

Creatinine level reduced from 4 mg/dL to 1 mg/dL

Karma Ayurveda Review – Mr. Raj Bhadur Singh Can kidney function and creatinine level be normalized? According to Allopathy science, there is no treatment to rejuvenate diseased kidney function and normalize high creatinine levels. But Ayurveda has the potential to reduce increased creatinine level and revive kidney functions without using dialysis or renal replacement therapy sort of procedure. Yes, Ayurvedic medications are made up of herbs, and natural ingredients not only reduce your creatinine level but also strengthen your kidneys to conquer against the disease. Here is an example of a kidney patient who took Ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Puneet Dhawan. Mr. Raj Bhadur Singh was suffering from kidney problems due to which his creatinine level reached 4mg/dL. He was also facing complications correlated with kidney disease like:- swelling in the legs, joints, and hands, etc. Before taking Ayurvedic treatment, Mr. Raj Bhadur was on Allopathic medications from which he didn't get positive results. Meantime, Mr. Raj got to know about Dr. Puneet Dhawan through YouTube channel Karma Ayurveda. After taking Ayurvedic medications and following a renal diet plan, Mr. Raj Bhadur's high creatinine level reduced to 1 mg/dL. Along with this, Mr. Raj also got relieved from the complications related to kidney disease. Now, Mr. Raj's damaged kidney filters and tissues are completely rejuvenated, and he is also free from the protocol of dialysis. Thousands of times, Dr. Puneet Dhawan, has proved that without dialysis, you can get rid of your kidney disease with Ayurveda. In Karma Ayurveda, more than 35000 kidney patients got relieved from their sort of kidney disease and also from dialysis. It is scientifically proven that Ayurvedic medications have the potential to normalize increased creatinine levels, revive the destroyed filters of the diseased kidney, and terminate the disease by preventing its root causes and symptoms. If you or anyone in your known is facing kidney-related problems, then head to Karma Ayurveda for kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic treatment not only keeps your kidneys healthy but also provides you with a disease-free life!


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