Karma Ayurveda Kidney Patient Review Name – Mrs. Chanchla Devi

Creatinine level reduced from 3.7 to 1.7 mg/dL

What causes vomiting in kidney patients, and how can it be cured?

Nausea or vomiting is a common symptom in kidney patients. Due to poor appetite and unhealthy kidneys, you feel an urge for vomiting again and again. Following are 2 main causes of nausea or vomiting.

  1. Build up of Uremic toxins - Uremia is a sign of end-stage of chronic kidney disease. It happens when the kidneys are completely damaged. Uremic toxins are creatinine and urea that your kidneys normally eliminate from the bloodstream through the urine.
  2. Medications – Due to the over-consumption of some artificially manufactured medicines, you can harm your kidneys. These days’ people for their mild illnesses, like headache, fever, cold, stomach ache, and for many more problems consume artificial medicines that influence kidney’s health. So, instead of consuming medicines, you should practice some home-remedies or Ayurvedic medications to cure your small health problems.

Other health problems that cause the problem of vomiting or nausea are –

  1. Gastroparesis
  2. Ulcers,
  3. Gastroesophageal reflux disease
  4. Gall bladder disease

In case, if you are suffering from the problem of nausea or vomiting, then do not neglect it because it can be a hint of kidney disease and head to Karma Ayurveda for kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda. In the post underneath is an example of a kidney patient, who got relieved from the condition of kidney failure and its complications. When the patient, Mrs. Chanchla Devi from Jammu visited Karma Ayurveda, she was at the stage of kidney failure and facing severe complications like weakness, vomiting, and loss of hunger.  At that time, she was taking dialysis due to which her creatinine, and urea level was 3.7 and 68mg/dL, and persistently went up. One day, while surfing on the internet she got to know about Dr. Puneet Dhawan by YouTube channel Karma Ayurveda. And, then she contacted Doctor Puneet for kidney failure Ayurvedic treatment. One side, where due to dialysis Mrs. Chanchla only noticed negative results in her medical health reports, Ayurvedic medications give her the following positive results.

  1. Creatinine level reduced to 1.7mg/dL.
  2. Urea level decreased to 56.0mg/dL.
  3. Regulated high blood pressure.
  4. Controlled increased sugar level.
  5. Got rid of the problem of vomiting, weakness, and poor appetite

Along with that, now she is fit and fine to do her household chores work. That is how again Dr. Puneet Dhawan has cured one more kidney patient with his sheer determination and dedication to Ayurvedic science. He has proved that there is no need for dialysis to cure the failed kidneys. On the off chance, that you or anyone in your loved ones is going through the problems related to the kidneys, then consult to Dr. Puneet Dhawan and take kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda. You are one step away from Karma Ayurveda to STOP KIDNEY DIALYSIS!


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