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Is Karma Ayurveda Fake, Fraud, Scam, Karma Ayurveda Consumer Complaints Dr Puneet Dhawan Reviews Feedback?

When people suffer from kidney diseases, they lose hope. They are not even capable of choosing the right treatment. When I was suffering from kidney diseases and was recommended dialysis, Karma Ayurveda came as a hope for me.

I am A.K. Diwan, and my age is 74 years. I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure lately. An unexpected turn in my life shook me and made me clueless to do anything next. I kept questioning how I could come this way when I didn’t smoke or had any bad habit. None of the allopathic doctors had told me the actual reason behind this happening. They just gave me a few pills and recommended dialysis because I had a high creatinine level of 5.6 mg/dl.

With the introduction of a new chapter of my life, it left me stunned and couldn’t decide which way I should go for treatment. The situation kept me worried and awake at night. One day when I was passing my time, I switched on the T.V. and switched channels. While I was switching, I found an advertisement with flashing texts “STOP KIDNEY DIALYSIS” with the help of Karma Ayurveda.

Is Karma Ayurveda Scam Fake Fraud,Dr Puneet Dhawan Kidney Specialist Patient Consumer Complaints Reviews Feedback?

The lines got me excited and stopped there, noted the contact details, and called on the helpline number. Trust m, half of the problems were resolved over a call only. Anyways, I scheduled an appointment and went for a visit.

As soon as I reached their hospital, I was welcomed and greeted with warm gestures. Then I met Dr. Puneet Dhawan, who had the details handy with him and analyzed my condition by looking at me and asking a few questions. I told him how I felt, the swelling, weakness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and urgency to urinate. I made sure that he should know what the allopathic doctors had suggested to me about so, I discussed the recommendation of dialysis. He listened to everything calmly and said when I was done with the explanation, “You don’t need dialysis; you will get fine by following a few instructions and consuming Ayurvedic medicine.”

I was provided with the diet chart and virtual yoga sessions to reduce my weight. I followed every session and diet plan as directed, and it has been a year that I don’t feel like I was diseased once.

The allopathic doctors have got me scared that if I escape the dialysis protocol, I might have to face kidney failure and then kidney transplant or even death. But my faith in the almighty and Ayurveda convinced me that this could not be it. There should be a way out, and then I had seen that program on T.V. and reached Dr. Puneet Dhawan, the savior of my kidneys. But now, when I read several reviews that Karma Ayurveda is fake and not genuine, it leaves me shocked.

Next time whenever the question ‘Is karma Ayurveda fake?’, remember, it is the only kidney care institution that practices safe and natural techniques to alleviate complications.

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