Kidney disease

The kidneys are your body's toxin filter that cleans the blood of foreign substances and toxins that are released from things like preservatives in food and other toxins. When you eat irresponsibly and fill your body with toxins, either from food, drinks (alcohol for example) or even from the air you breathe. Your body also tends to convert many things that seem benign until your body's organs convert them into things like formaldehyde due to a chemical reaction and morphing phase. Is It Safe To Consume Alcohol During Kidney Disease?”.

What is renal or kidney failure?

This is when your kidneys are not capable of ridding the body of the toxins and wastes in your blood from the foods you eat and the things you drink. This is also called "chronic kidney disease" or "chronic renal failure".

This is not a condition that happens overnight, it is a progressive problem and in that it can be both discovered early and treated, diet changed, and resolving what is causing the problem is possible. It's possible to have a partial renal failure but usually, it takes a lot of time (or really bad diet for a short time) to reach total renal failure. You don't want to reach total renal failure because this will require regular dialysis treatments to save your life. “Is It Safe To Consume Alcohol During Kidney Disease?”.

How alcohol affects the kidneys?

Drinking alcohol affects many parts of the body, including the kidneys. A little alcohol—one or two drinks now and then—usually has no serious effects. However, excessive drinking–more than four drinks daily—can affect your health and worsen kidney disease.

Food and drinks that mostly contribute to gout attacks include seafood, red meat, organ meat, and high-fructose corn syrup, sugar-sweetened items that are usually popular during the holidays and beer and liquor. Those with high blood pressure, obese, have high blood sugar and high cholesterol may have higher levels of uric acid that leads to gout. Just as gout can cause kidney diseases and kidney failure, the latter can also cause gout. Other causes are a severe illness, stress, hypothyroidism and physical exertion. Is It Safe To Consume Alcohol During Kidney Disease?”.

Researchers have also proven that beer consumption leads to gout due to its inordinately high purine content. When a person eats and then goes through the process of digestion, scientists say that anything with a purine compound will break down to form uric acid. Uric acid is known to leave the body through urine output. However when the kidneys cannot process an entire load of uric acid, then blood levels become extremely high. This uric acid then forms crystal deposits within the joints of a person, and it is those crystal deposits that cause what is known as gout via beer consumption. “Is It Safe To Consume Alcohol During Kidney Disease?”.

The other side of this discussion regarding gout and alcohol is that some who drink alcohol and have gout propose that alcohol dims pain naturally and that those who stand while imbibing rather than sitting at the bar are promoting exercise of their bodies, as well as preventing them from staying at the bar too long, thus encouraging the drinking of too much alcohol. They also maintain that drinking in moderation is relaxing thus it will actually help the body to counter the effects of gout and alcohol. For some reason, the jury is still out on those thoughts. “Is It Safe To Consume Alcohol During Kidney Disease?”.

How can Ayurveda help?

Ayurvedic treatment is one of finest long-term solution for treating kidney problems. The use of unrefined herbs and organic supplements helps in reducing the kidney symptoms. Ayurvedic treatment and medicines have no side-effects, unlike allopathic medicines.

Karma Ayurveda is one of the best treatment centers in Asia. It was established in 1937 and since then have been treating patients with all types of kidney problems with complete natural techniques. The Ayurvedic medicines provided by the center are highly effective and a proper course can help in rejuvenating the kidneys back to health. Is It Safe To Consume Alcohol During Kidney Disease?”.


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