Ayurveda Efficient to Decrease Creatinine levels & Causes

Before we discuss whether Ayurveda is efficient to decrease creatinine or not; we must discuss what creatinine is? Creatinine is a waste found in human’s blood and urine. It helps in knowing the working conditions of kidneys; whether they are functioning properly or not.  The higher the creatinine level is the danger it becomes to your health. The normal range of creatinine level in a male should be between 0.6 to 1.2mg/dl whereas in the female it should be between 0.5 to 1.1 mg/dl. Female has fewer muscles than the male which differs the basic creatinine levels of a male & a female. High Creatinine levels may lead to disastrous results; one or both kidneys failure, permanent damage to any body part, or even sudden death. High creatinine levels may lead you to have dialysis, renal transplant. But we suggest the Ayurvedic treatment because Ayurveda is efficient to decrease creatinine levels. No-fuss, no hustle just a few herbs.

 How Ayurveda Is Efficient To Decrease Creatinine!

Ayurveda hails from Ancient India; its existence can be seen in the mythological books and ancient scripts. Today the world is going ‘gaga’ over Ayurvedic skincare. But have you ever thought that Ayurveda is efficient to decrease creatinine? Ayurveda heals the diseases from the core with the help of a few herbs and Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle. Today, Google has become the family doctor for most of the people but we would recommend rather than going with what Google says; go to certified physicians or nephrologists. Google will only tell you what the people have experienced but each body type has its own kind of functioning and disease. Karma Ayurveda provides Ayurvedic treatment for kidney diseases. It has been in existence since 1937 initiated by Dr. Arjun Dev Dhawan. Today it is under the impeccable guidance of Dr. Puneet Dhawan who is the fifth successor of the Dhawan dynasty. He has been practicing Ayurveda with modern techniques. He ensures that Ayurveda is efficient to decrease creatinine in blood & urine with simple Ayurvedic practices. According to his beliefs creatinine can be reduced by just following Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle and adapting the Ayurvedic herbs. Allopathic medicines will heal the disease temporarily but Ayurveda will remove the roots. Following are the

6 Reasons to know why Ayurveda is Efficient to Decrease Creatinine:

  • Ayurvedic Medication synchronizes the problems of high blood pressure; which is the paramount reason for high creatinine.
  • Ayurveda eliminates the other supporting diseases.
  • Ayurveda manages and activates the other channels of the body also.
  • Ayurveda assists kidneys to perform their functions properly.
  • Ayurveda rejuvenates the tissues, cells and the filters of the kidney.
  • Ayurveda medications are harmless and effective as they do not have any side effects

What are the do and don’ts of an Ayurvedic Diet?

  • Avoid protein-rich foods: dairy products, meat, egg white, fish, pulses, etc.
  • Avoid sodium: Having less amount of salt in your food will do wonders.
  • Avoid potassium & phosphorus-rich foods.
  • Have green tea or herbal tea
  • Eat foods like cabbage, cucumber, raw onions, garlic, cauliflower, sprouts, soy products, omega-3 rich foods, etc.
  • Have maximum intake of liquids: plenty of water, radish, orange, carrots and cucumber juices, etc.

What are the Lifestyle Changes Needed To Make While Having an Ayurvedic Treatment?

  • As a part of Ayurveda; Yoga is the best technique to maintain the health of body and mind
  • Meditate for an hour
  • Customize your daily routine with the Ayurvedic practices
  • Be optimistic
  • Spread happiness
  • Keep yourself calm & composed

Allopathic medicines are made up of chemicals. Few chemicals are sometimes harmful to the other parts of the body. A painkiller taken for any type of pain will adversely affect the functioning of kidneys. This is why it is not recommended to have allopathic medications by Ayurvedic doctors around the globe.

How Karma Ayurveda will help you?

  • Kidney failure treatment – without dialysis
  • Ayurvedic treatment for Autosomal Polycystic Kidney Disease (AKPKD)
  • Ayurvedic treatment for Nephritic syndrome
  • Ayurvedic treatment for all kinds of kidney diseases

Dr. Puneet Dhawan’s practices have made 35000 (and counting) patients turning towards Ayurvedic treatment. The patients who were on dialysis are now free from it by going with Ayurvedic medications. Where the allopathic doctors refuse & give up on rejuvenating the kidney’s functionalities; Dr. Puneet Dhawan comes with his Ayurvedic practices to cure the ever-challenging kidney diseases. Karma Ayurveda has served countless patients; who might have lost all hopes of getting free from dialysis. Be it the children, adults or the old age people, Karma Ayurveda has made sure that they will work as a miracle for the disappointed patients. Why Karma Ayurveda is so sure that Ayurveda is efficient to decrease creatinine levels? According to one of the women patients of Dr. Puneet Dhawan; she was put on a Punnarnava (Boerhavia diffusa) syrup for a month and one month she came with her updated reports in which her creatinine level was lower than before i.e from 17.83 to 1.2. Karma Ayurveda gives you several combinations of herbal remedies that will definitely cure the diseases from roots. Dr. Puneet Dhawan shares his few secret ingredients that he uses to cure patients are:

  • Punnarnava (Boerhavia diffusa): To heal the swelling in feet and joints effectively. Punnarnava rejuvenates the body as it balances the fluids present in the kidney.
  • Gokshura (Tribulus): To heal the problems in urination, renal infections &chronic urinary discharges.
  • Varuna (Crataeva nurvala): Lupeol present in Varuna treats kidney disorders, urinary tract infections & prostrate disorders which may form kidney stones in the future.
  • Kaasni (Cichorium intybus): It heals kidney diseases and improves the respiratory system.
  • Salvia: It is helpful in improving physical and mental fitness.
  • Dudhali (Dandelion): It improves digestion, skin diseases, and fever
  • Palash (Butea monosperma): It is an antiseptic and is a healing agent in intestinal infections, kidney failures and helpful in controlling diabetes.
  • Dalchini (Cinnamon): It improves the functionality of kidneys.
  • Rakt Chandan (Pterocarpus santalinus): It heals the tissues of the kidney that have been affected by kidney infections. Also used for cosmetics purposes as well as to cure kidney diseases.
  • Nettle leaf (Urtica dioica): It is used to treat arthritis & lower back pain.
  • Astragalus: It is used to treat the inflammatory effects, also used for anti-aging treatment.
  • Ginseng: It helps in removing the tiredness & boost up the immunity.
  • Chicory: It is highly effective in reducing the creatinine levels
  • Chamomile:  It reduces the creatinine level

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