Role of Kidneys

Kidneys are bean-shaped organs of the body located on the back sides of the body. They are responsible for performing certain important functions of the body, such as:

  • Waste excretion: The kidneys filter out toxins, excess salts, and urea, a nitrogen-based waste created by cell metabolism. It also helps in removing the urea from the blood
  • Water level balancing: Kidneys play an important part in the chemical breakdown of urine. They adjust accordingly and retain water in the body which is needed
  • Blood pressure regulation: The kidneys need constant pressure to filter the blood. When it drops too low, the kidneys increase the pressure. Both constriction and retention restores normal blood pressure
  • Red blood cell regulation: Kidneys helps in initiating a hormone namely erythropoietin. It is a hormone that stimulates the bone marrow to produce more oxygen-carrying red blood cells
  • Acid regulation: As the cells metabolize, they mainly produce acids. Our food affects the kidneys directly. It can either increase the acid in the body or neutralize it. A healthy balance of these chemicals helps in the normal body function.

Infertility Problem Related To Kidney

Causes of kidney disease

 There are many reasons that can trigger kidney disease among young, middle age and old people. Some of those reasons are:

  • Infection
  • Blood-clotting disorders
  • Decreased blood flow caused by low blood pressure
  • Autoimmune kidney disorders
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Complications from pregnancy
  • Dehydration

Infertility Problem Related To Kidney

How can kidney problem cause infertility?

Once being affected by Chronic Kidney Disease, many patients may find they have problems with their sexual function. In some serious cases, they may find they are experiencing infertility. There are many ways in which this condition can affect the kidneys, such as:

  • Kidney condition directly affects the level of reproductive hormone. If the kidney is highly impaired, the levels of reproductive hormones produced by the body will decrease, which can increase Chronic Kidney Disease patients’ risk for infertility.
  • The female patients suffering from CKD can suffer from the absence of demonstration and this is also a cause of female patients to have infertility.
  • Besides, a kidney is an organ that can help us purify blood by removing toxins out of the body with urine. A damaged kidney cannot work well, as a result of which, toxins build up in the body. High levels of toxin in the blood will affect the quality of sperm and this also can cause infertility.

Infertility Problem Related To Kidney

How can Ayurveda help in reducing the effect of such kidney problem?

Additional, appearance of infertility is closely related to a kidney condition, so if we want to receive obvious and permanent treatment effects in treating infertility, improving kidney condition is a necessary step. It is only when the root cause is removed that the problem can be solved fundamentally. Ayurveda can help in the natural way to cure all kinds of physical ailments.

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