Kidney disease when it gets aggravated over time can result in the shutdown of the functioning of kidneys termed as kidney failure.  Less than 15 % of kidney function is a state of kidney failure. The waste tends to build up in the body and cause various symptoms like nausea, trouble sleeping, poor appetite, weakness, tiredness, itching, weight loss, muscle cramps swelling of your feet or ankles, anemia, and trouble sleeping. If your kidneys shut down can they come back?” Kidney failure is of two types, acute and chronic. Acute kidney failure is reversible damage that occurs over a period of hours or days. The kidney function can be restored within several weeks. It is majorly caused through
  • Accidents, injuries or bleeding (lowers the blood flow to the kidneys)
  • Poisons
Chronic kidney disease is a gradual loss of kidney function. “If your kidneys shut down can they come back?”  Kidney failure is also known as stage 5 kidney disease, or end-stage renal disease (ESRD).   Chronic kidney disease can be caused by some common factors like:
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Pyelonephritis
  • Polycystic disease
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
Early stages of kidney disease can be managed with ayurvedic medications, a controlled diet, and fluid reduction, as the disease progresses kidneys lose their ability to function. If your kidneys shut down they can certainly come back by ayurvedic kidney failure treatment.


Ayurveda, an ancient science of treatment uses many herbal remedies to cure kidney failure. This line of treatment uses many herbs that can reverse the damage caused to the kidneys. The herbs include: If your kidneys shut down can they come back?”
  • Punarnava: The anti-inflammatory property of the herb cures the swelling in the feet and joints effectively. It also reduces the stagnant fluid in the feet and improves appetite by boosting up the immunity of the body.
  • Kaasni: The herb heals respiratory problems and prevents chronic constipation while increasing the hemoglobin of the body. It deals with kidney failure complications effectively.
  • Varun: This herb provides strength to the urinary tract and prostate functioning. It efficiently treats kidney stones or renal calculi, chronic migraines, and many more.
  • Gokshur: Its anti-infectious properties relieve urinary tract problems and kidney failure. It cures kidney infection of the root cause.
  • Palash: This ayurvedic herb works best in treating diseases related to kidneys. It boosts liver functions that cause renal failure.
  • Rakt Chandan: This herb heals wounds and prevents bleeding. Patients with kidney failure can get easy relief after consuming the herb. If your kidneys shut down can they come back?”

Home Remedies:

Some of the home remedies that kidney failure patients should inculcate in their lifestyle including:
  • Intake of the correct quantity of fluid in a day
  • Cut on non-vegetarian foods
  • Boiled food and usage of olive oil is highly recommended
  • Include cauliflower, bottle guard, bell peppers, papaya, apple, pear, radish in the diet, and cut on mushrooms, potatoes, apricots, spinach, and dried beans.
  • Avoid consuming high potassium foods and exclude citrus fruits
  • Strictly say no to smoking, and alcohol consumption “If your kidneys shut down can they come back?”
Karma Ayurveda, a well-reputed kidney treatment hospital in India is known for its natural aid in dealing with kidney failure under the guidance of Dr. Puneet Dhawan, the 5th generation of Dhawan family. The medicines manufactured by the hospital comprise of the above-mentioned herbs and have no side effects on kidney patients.

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