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Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is among the major reasons of human mortality and morbidity. If you are suffering from chronic kidney disease, there are measures that you can practice to make the condition better. The sooner you will start the minimum damage it would cause. These management processes would not only keep your kidneys healthy but would also promote cardiovascular health and promote overall management of the body.

Chronic Kidney Disease Causes

  • Diabetes is among the major reasons that cause of chronic kidney disease. This is why it is important to reach and meet the right goal of blood glucose. You should take care of your blood glucose on a regular basis and if you suffer from diabetes then talk to your doctor and adhere to the right diet.
  • Hypertension is the second major reason that results in chronic kidney disease. Taking control over the blood pressure is an initial step towards the management of kidney disease. You should meet and talk to the healthcare provider to know what best you can do for the management of high blood pressure.
  • Monitoring the health of the kidneys is also prominent. Any change in the functioning of the kidneys can be tracked with the help of kidneys’ disease tests. Aim for keeping the glomerular filtration rate the same all the time and aim for maintaining the level of albumin in urine the same or lower with time.
  • No matter what type of medicines you are prescribed with, taking medicines on time would help you in the CKD management. Ayurvedic herbs for kidney disease and herbal preparations of Ayurveda help in the wholesome rejuvenation of any ailment and support the organ health. Choose the medications wisely and adhere to it along with other lifestyle changes.

Chronic Kidney Disease Ayurveda Tips

  • If you eat anything recklessly it will result in the accumulation of waste within the body. Therefore, for the management of CKD it is necessary that you talk to your dietitian and come up with a right renal diet. Diet is considered to be the 50% companion of a treatment.
  • It is important that daily workout and exercise is a part of your lifestyle and regular life. But also keep in mind that vigorous health training can elevate the danger so try to keep it light and easy.
  • CKD management also includes the maintenance of a healthy weight because obesity can result in the occurrence of kidney-related issues.
  • Getting a good amount of sleep also supports the kidneys’ health.
  • Quit the habit of drinking, smoking, or consumption of tobacco through any means.
  • Try to stay away from situations that can put you into stress or depression. It can badly affect your organ.

All these measures would be helpful for your overall body as well.


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