According to National Kidney Foundation, kidney problems are increasing among middle and old age people. People in this age group who are suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure are more prone to kidney problems. Kidneys are the bean shaped organs of the body that filter the waste from the blood and water. They also help in balancing the minerals and acids in the body. In kidney failure, the kidneys get damaged and are no longer able to filter the waste from the body. This results in accumulation of toxic waste inside the body that can harm other organs too.

There are mainly two types of kidney failure, namely:

  • Acute kidney disease which comes quickly and leads to a sudden damage of kidneys. This condition is caused due to infection, injury, medications and certain medical conditions.
  • Chronic kidney disease is more common and progresses over time. It is mainly caused by polycystic kidney disease, Nephrotic syndrome, UTI infections and by the intake of certain long medications like pain killers.

There are certain signs and symptoms that are visible in kidney patients in later stages. Some of the common signs are nausea, fatigue, vomiting, change in pattern and color of urine, blood in urine, swelling in body parts, back and joint pains, frequent urine and loss of appetite. If these symptoms prevail for long without any immediate treatment, it could result in complete kidney failure.

Most patients in later stages go for allopathic treatment for treating kidney failure. A patient opts for dialysis when the kidneys completely fail to function. Dialysis is the artificial method in which the waste gets flushed out of the body. A machine is attached outside your body with tubes and the waste is filtered. However, dialysis doesn’t cure kidney failure and neither corrects the endorphin level.

Without dialysis cure kidney disease by natural Ayurveda

There are many other ways too that can cure kidney disease without depending upon dialysis. If the disease is diagnosed in initial stages, it is possible to cure the kidneys through the natural method. Ayurveda is an alternate to dialysis and permanently revives the kidneys back to health. In Ayurvedic treatment unrefined herbs, pre historic tested techniques and organic supplements are used. The most common herbs that are used in the medicines are Varun, Punarnava, Gokshur, Shigeru, Kaasni, Apamarg, Bhumi Amla and Shirish. These herbs are completely natural and have no side-effects on other organs, unlike allopathic medicines.

Karma Ayurveda is one of the finest wholesome wellness clinics in Asia. It has been treating all kinds of kidney disease since 1937. It is the most authentic clinic and provides safe treatment to all its patients. It is working under the most eminent Ayurveda practitioner Dr. Puneet Dhawan. He is highly appreciated around the globe and has cured millions of patients with his expertise. He doesn’t believe in transplants or dialysis and treats his patients with natural methods. Karma Ayurveda provides some of the finest Ayurvedic medicines along with a planned diet chart for better recovery of its patients.


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