Healing is a systematic process that the body plays in recovering the affected area. In this process blood cells, specifically, the platelets play a major role. It is a known fact that skin regenerates itself and heals the caused area in its own time. Therefore, wound healing becomes an intricate process where the skin multiplies its cells heals the wound to its normal nature. Normally, in an undamaged skin, the surface layer (epidermis) and the deeper layer (dermis) form the protective barrier against the external environment. When this protective layer is damaged, this leads to various biochemical processes that take place in the repair of the affected skin. How kidney disease prevent the healing of wounds?


Wounds could be caused by internal problems or external trauma. Internal origin of wound healing includes compromised circulation system, impaired nervous system, any chronic medical illness. External origin includes any bacterial/ virus infection, outside force or trauma like Contusions, Hematomas and  Crush injuries, these being the close wounds. The open would include Abrasions, Lacerations, Incisions, Punctures, Penetrating & Gunshot wounds. How kidney disease prevent the healing of wounds?


The wound healing process is a big repairing process that is conducted by the skin involving many small phases. These include 4 main phase: How kidney disease prevent the healing of wounds?

  • Hemostasis or blood clotting: this phase occurs in the first few minutes after the injury. The platelets in the body accumulate to the injured skin and create a mesh around the wound. They activate the fibrin which acts as a glue to bind the platelets and the process of clotting (slowing/preventing bleeding) starts.
  • Inflammation: During this phase all the bacteria, pathogens are cleared off along with the dead cells. Platelets provide growth factors and stimulate the multiplication of new cells into the wound.
  • Proliferation: this phase is a growth of new tissues in the injured area. Long with the regeneration process, the wounded area is contracted and the smooth muscle cells are formed whereas unneeded cells are removed.
  • Maturation: This is a remodeling process. In this, the collagen which is a skin protein is realigned and cells that are not at all needed are removed by programmed cell death.


Renal disease has known to be affecting the wound healing process. Acute kidney injury may be observed with various wound types. On one hand, these conditions include crush injury, burns, and post-surgical wounds, on the other hand, it happens as simultaneous targeting the skin and kidneys by autoimmune-mediated vasculities. How kidney disease prevent the healing of wounds?

Chronic kidney disease is commonly seen among the older people, who have limited limb movement and they tend to form a pressure- related wounds. Patients with compromised kidney function have a risk of having a poor healing process, generally witnessed among people with chronic kidney disease or end-stage kidney disease. Also, diabetes, Neuropathy, Peripheral vascular diseases and obviously aging are the other risk factors that lead to delayed wound healing  As it’s a known fact that one organ impairment becomes a hindrance in other body related processes and the balanced body processes are disrupted with the same. “Karma Ayurveda Patient review


Ayurveda is a line of treatment that finds solutions to all the body related problem by the naturally grown herbs and medicated ingredients. How kidney disease prevent the healing of wounds? It’s treatment process being slow but guarantees the 100 % success rate. Ayurveda works on the lines of natural based medicines that have no side effects at all.

KARMA AYURVEDA, a well known herbal hospital headed by DR. PUNEET DHAWAN, apply these ayurvedic techniques to cure all kidney related problems without extensive drug treatments and expensive surgeries. It rather offers the best possible natural treatment to cure kidney disease and it's causing other body ailments.


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