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How can cyst be managed naturally?

How can cyst be managed naturally

What is a cyst?

A cyst is an outer growth in any part of the body that may get filled with waste and blood. The part of the body which has cyst gets swollen and causes immense pain when that area is moved. Cysts can be cancerous or noncancerous depending upon certain factors. You may have a cyst in your kidneys, liver, pancreas, ovaries, etc. One of the major complications associated with the development of cyst is high blood pressure resulting in kidney damage eventually. 

What is a kidney cyst?

A kidney cyst is a sac-like membrane on your kidneys that grow by 0.5 inches or larger. Multiple cysts may increase the size of the renal and more of them have genetic involvement in their development. Often called PKD, such forms of the cyst are noncancerous, but they powerfully impact kidney function if not treated early. It is a generative disorder caused by a genetic mutation in one or both the parent’s genes. 

As a complex condition, PKD may cause high blood pressure, cysts in the other parts of the body, brain aneurysms, and growth failure in babies. Since it affects you genetically, you are required to take cyst kidney treatment naturally which is completely authentic and reinforces the kidney to function at its best.

The two types of PKD are:

Autosomal dominant PKD: This form of PKD is caused by a genetic mutation in only one parent. If a mother or father has the required gene mutation, there are 90% chances that a baby will get the disorder. While the rest 10% of the cases develop with no such history of genes and acquire new genetic formation. 

Autosomal recessive PKD: Yet another form of PKD is autosomal recessive PKD caused by genes in both the parents. It occurs early in life unlike ADPKD the signs of which can be seen in adulthood. So, if you happen to be the carrier of a copy of the PKHD1 gene, you need prenatal care so that the child does not get the gene. Your cyst kidney treatment should be natural and not based on allopathy if you want to restrict the passing of genes to the coming generations. By altering the gene, we can prevent PKD.

How can you manage cyst?

The sooner you know you have PKD, the sooner you can start with the treatment and prevent the condition from getting worsened. 

The steps to prevent kidney failure as a complication of PKD will help to minimize the burden on the kidneys and may include:

Stay physically active so that your blood pressure is maintained and you don’t put on weight. 

  • Control your blood pressure and blood sugar level. 
  • Eat only a kidney-friendly diet. 
  • Adopt a healthy sleep pattern.
  • Do not consume alcohol or smoke. 
  • Reduce your stress. 
  • Take medications as prescribed during cyst kidney treatment natural

Well, at Karma Ayurveda we do have possible solutions for every of your kidney disease. Meet us once and allow your body to remain holistically healthy.

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