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How can an enlarged kidney be treated?

kidney enlarged treatment

The kidneys which appear larger than their actual size are said to have enlarged. The increase in the size is usually the swelling which occurs when the urine builds up in the kidneys. The inability of the bladder to empty its bladder is usually the cause behind it.

The medical term associated with kidney enlargement is hydronephrosis. It may occur at any age and in one or both the kidneys. In children, it affects 1 in 100 babies and may also appear in newborns or babies in the womb when the mother is in her prenatal care. Swelling in one kidney is referred to as unilateral hydronephrosis and when it occurs in both the kidneys it is called bilateral hydronephrosis. 

Hydronephrosis is not a disease in itself rather it is a condition that develops because of underlying kidney disease. Scientists say it is a structural change in the kidneys that occur because of an obstruction in the urinary tract. To manage hydronephrosis, you need kidney enlarged treatment such as Ayurveda. Ayurveda helps to revive the lost kidney function and promote functional capacity. To stimulate urine production is the main aim of ayurvedic kidney enlarged treatment. 

What are the signs to look for kidney enlargement?

The urine flows through the urinary tract without much of the pressure. But given any obstruction in the urinary tract, the pressure on the kidneys increases. As a result, the urine may start to pile up in the kidneys and the bacteria may grow and spread. If this happens for an extended time period, the kidney’s size enlarges and causes problems to the nearby organs. 

The kidneys get engorged with urine and may result in the following of the signs:

If the mild symptom occurs, it is frequent urination

  • pain in the abdomen or flank or pressure on the areas around the kidneys.
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Painful urination
  • Incomplete bladder emptying
  • a fever or chills when the infection grows

Sometimes due to urine backflow, there is likely an increase in the risk of urinary tract infection. Henceforth, UTIs are known to be the most common consequence of hydronephrosis. 

During urinary tract infections, a person notices blood in the urine with a burning sensation when urinating. Sometimes the pain is so intense that it is impossible to stand properly. 

What causes may appear when kidneys become enlarged?

Amongst all the causes of hydronephrosis, the prominent one is acute unilateral obstructive uropathy. It is an obstruction in the ureters, a tube that connects the kidneys to the bladder. Such obstruction may primarily begin because of kidney stones, blood clots within the uterus, etc. 

Other causes may include:

  • A twist in the ureteropelvic junction
  • Pregnancy which causes pressure due to the fetus growth
  • An enlarged prostate gland in men 
  • Tumors in the ureter
  • Narrowing of the ureter because of a birth defect or surgery or injury

Such conditions may result in permanent kidney failure if not given a kidney enlarged treatment. 

If you have got hydronephrosis and are looking for an ayurvedic treatment to cure it completely and reduce the risk of kidney failure in the later stages, reach us at Karma Ayurveda. 

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