Best Ayurvedic Medicine To Lower Creatinine

Creatinine is a waste product released by muscles from the breakdown of a compound called creatine. Creatinine is present in the blood and is removed by the kidneys during the blood filtration process. The kidneys along with creatinine and other waste compound separate toxic materials and release them into the urine. When not functional, the kidney’s blood filtration process gets hampered and result in creatinine build up in the blood. Apparently, we can say creatinine is a measurement of healthy kidney function.

Creatinine level rises in the blood when the kidney function is not appropriate or vice versa. Creatinine is directly proportional to the number of muscles a person has and the fair kidney function. Men have more muscles so their creatinine is relatively high than women. If their kidney function is normal, they may have creatinine approximately in the range of 0.6 to 1.2 mg/dL while if women have normal kidney function, their creatinine ranges between 0.5 to 1.1 mg/dL. Sometimes, creatinine rises temporarily for a time period because of medical conditions and may go away when that medical condition is treated. Other factors that may affect the level of creatinine in the blood include your body size, muscle activity, and supplements if you consume any. 


Creatinine and Chronic Kidney Disease

All the blood in the body flows through the kidney during the filtration process. The kidneys have tiny filters nephrons, glomeruli, and tubule that reabsorbs the important substance back into the blood while the waste part is excreted out in the form of urine. With a rise in the blood creatinine level, it can be inferred that your kidney function is not nominal and you need a treatment approach. For a better result, you can take herbal medicine for creatinine. Herbal medicines have no side effects and this treatment does not involve any surgery like in dialysis or transplant. The healthcare team uses creatinine and creatinine clearance tests to know how kidneys are functioning.

Creatinine clearance gauges the rate at which creatinine is cleared by the kidneys. There are two ways through which doctors use creatinine tests to measure kidney function: Creatinine clearance can be gauged by taking a sample of urine collected over 24 hours. Another way through which creatinine can be helpful is by using a single blood level of creatinine through which the glomerular filtration rate is measured. GFR determines how blood is being filtered by the kidneys per unit of time. The higher the blood creatinine, the lower is estimated GFR and creatinine clearance. Apparently, you will need herbal medicines for creatinine if your GFR is comparatively low and indicate impaired kidney function.

Stages of Chronic kidney disease based on GFR

Stage 1: GFR 90 or greater. Normal kidney function even if your kidneys have problem

Stage 2: GFR 60-89. A mild decline in kidney function

Stage 3a: GFR 45 – 59. The moderate decline in kidney function

Stage 3b: GFR 30 – 44. The severe decline in kidney function

Stage 4: GFR 15-29. The severe decline in kidney function

Stage 5: GFR less than 15. End-stage renal disease  The last stage of kidney disease is known as end-stage renal disease which is hard to reverse if the ayurvedic approach is not initiated at the right time.

Symptoms Of Kidney Creatinine

Some people may have no symptoms of low creatinine levels even if the creatinine is relatively higher. They may not know their kidney function is declining because of the low visibility of symptoms. While some may reportedly witness various signs such as:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Lungs pain
  • Swelling in the pain
  • Dry and patchy skin that does not go away
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Fluid retention
  • High blood pressure
  • Sudden weight gain

What can be done to Lower the Creatinine Range?

Kidney disease is a haunting condition that may draw peace from your life and make you physically dependent. But, having the treatment approach can save you from the consequences in the later stages. Taking herbal treatment or ayurvedic treatment is one thing you can do to reduce the risk of complete renal failure in the future. For those who are on the risk of kidney disease and do not have home remedy for high creatinine range until now may adopt following of the preventive measures:

Staying Hydrating

Hydrating is the key to having maximum kidney function. By drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day you ensure toxic removal such as creatinine from your body.

Not Taking Creatinine Supplement

Creatinine is produced naturally by your body and when you take creatinine supplement, it means you are putting yourself at more risk. Always ask your doctor before starting with any medications.

Do Not Consume Protein

Protein sources like red meat is not healthy for your kidneys when you are at the risk of developing Chronic Kidney Disease. Protein burdens your kidneys as they are hard to be eliminated. However, if you still want to have protein, choose plant sources of protein instead.

Consume Fiber

Fiber is a healthy option for those who want to normalize kidney function. Fiber helps the body get rid of toxins through an easy bowel movement.

Herbal Tea

Herbs have been potent enough to rejuvenate the function of the damaged cells and tissues of the kidneys. Herbs like stinging nettle, dandelion roots, salvia, chamomile, cinnamon, etc. help to treat renal failure.

Cut back on intense exercise

Exercise is good, but overdoing it may result in too much muscle workout. Since muscle metabolism is related to creatinine production in the body, putting your muscles to intense workout may result in increased blood creatinine range.


If you are at the risk of kidney disease and witnessing signs of CKD, you should get yourself tested. Early diagnosis of kidney disease is key to early treatment. Taking Best Ayurvedic Medicine To Lower Creatinine right away will prevent further damage to the kidneys and reduce the risk of renal failure in the future. Consult with dr puneet dhawan kidney specialist for herbal or ayurvedic treatment for kidney disease.


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