Here we are going to discuss heart failure and kidney failure prognosis because these two major health conditions are found to be interconnected. A number of people today are diagnosed with kidney disease or heart disease, as these, both are the dominating health conditions which are also working as a cause of death for many. Those who are diagnosed with kidney disease are more likely to face heart-related diseases and vice versa. According to the data, people who are affected with chronic kidney disease face the condition of heart failure. Let’s understand the interlinking between these two major health situations which will help to detect the right heart failure and kidney failure prognosis.

How cardiovascular disease affects kidneys?

Cardiovascular diseases affect the functions performed by the heart and the blood vessels, which can cause serious health problems. The continuous damage to the blood vessels affects the overall flow to all other organs and so that the kidneys. This lack flow of oxygen to the kidneys damages its tissues and the overall functions performed by it. Cardiovascular diseases also bring your brain and heart, inside the range of danger. “Heart Failure and Kidney Failure Prognosis” Besides this, patients who are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease are more likely to suffer from heart diseases. This is because the damaged kidneys are unable to excrete the waste out of the body. This waste and toxins then remain inside the blood and damage the tissues of other organs inside a person’s body. Here are the causes of chronic kidney disease which increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases for a person. “Heart Failure and Kidney Failure Prognosis”

  • Anemia- At the time of kidney disease, the less production of red blood cells gives way to the condition of Anemia. This happens, when the kidneys are unable to manufacture a hormone known as erythropoietin which helps in the production of red blood cells. The reduction in the level of red blood cells will reduce the flow of oxygen which can make a person susceptible to a heart attack. Karma Ayurveda Reviews and Feedback
  • High level of homocysteine- Healthy kidneys work to manage the level of homocysteine in the blood and for the adequate elimination of it from the body. At the time of kidney failure, the level of homocysteine in blood reach very high which leads to plaque buildup in the blood. Later the formation of plaque in the blood leads to cardiovascular disease and even heart failure.
  • High blood pressure level- Kidney forms rennin which helps to control the blood pressure level. At the time of kidney failure, the production of rennin by kidneys get affected which let the blood pressure level to rise. This high blood pressure increases the risk for heart attack and heart failure by damaging the muscles of the heart. “Heart Failure and Kidney Failure Prognosis”
  • Diabetes- The high level of sugar in blood damages the blood vessels which affects the overall blood flow to the heart. Less blood flow to the heart is found to be the most impactful cause of heart attack or heart failure.

Effective Heart failure and kidney failure prognosis

As we had discussed the interconnection between kidney failure and heart failure, it is important to know about effective treatment for both the conditions. Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure provided by Karma Ayurveda is working as the effective heart failure and kidney failure prognosis. The herbal medication prescribed by Dr. Puneet Dhawan eliminates the risk of heart failure by treating kidney diseases naturally. This is the ayurvedic kidney care institution which is providing the risk-free treatment to all the kidney patients since 1937. More than 35000 kidney patients found Karma Ayurveda the optimum destination to get treated. “Kidney Disease Treatment In Ayurveda”


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