Kidneys are the vital parts of the body that are prescribed to perform the function of eliminating waste and toxins out in the form of urine. Kidney, when fail to cope up with its prescribed duties, is called to be failed. Kidney failure is characterized by permanent damage of kidney. It is the end stage of kidney disease where the glomerular filtration rate is equal to or less than 15 milliliters per minute. In case of kidney failure, allopathy offers technical measures for kidney treatment that involve long listing drugs, dialysis, and transplant. Fruits dialysis patients cannot eat


Dialysis is an artificial removal of waste from the kidneys done through manmade equipment. It is an alternative to kidney function that is recommended to be conducted 3 times a week, each session lasting for 3-4 hours. Dialysis procedure is commonly known to be of two types: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.
  • HEMODIALYSIS is the common type of dialysis treatment opted by kidney patients. This procedure uses dialyzer that acts as an artificial kidney and filters the blood by expelling extra fluid and wastes from the body. Fruits dialysis patients cannot eat This process is carried out by removing the blood from the body and sending it to the dialyzer while returning it back to the body with the help of dialysis machine.
  • PERITONEAL DIALYSIS is a procedure that is carried out by implanting the peritoneal dialysis catheter in the abdomen of the patient that clears off the accumulated waste and is removed after its work is done.


Patients going through dialysis treatment follow a different diet plan. These dietary modifications exclude certain fruits and vegetables that may cause harm to the damaged kidneys and worsen the condition. Kidneys when fail to accomplish their routinized function become unable to excrete excess sodium, potassium, and phosphorus out of the body. So, to keep up with the correct levels of these minerals following fruits should be avoided by dialysis patients. “Fruits dialysis patients cannot eat” Karma Ayurveda Patient Reviews
  • HIGH SODIUM FRUITS: Fruits do not contain a significant amount of sodium but the canned olives do. It is highly recommended that pickled, canned, bottle and green olives should be avoided by the dialysis patients. In addition to this, fruits like figs, dehydrated apple, and dried longan should also be avoided by dialysis patients.
  • HIGH POTASSIUM FRUITS: Fruits are enriched with potassium. In case of damaged Kidneys, less potassium should be consumed to avoid the complication of Hyperkalemia. Fruits like dried apricots, prunes, dried zante currants, dates, dried figs, coconut, avocados, banana, kiwi, and peaches should be certainly avoided by dialysis patients. Fruits dialysis patients cannot eat Hyperkalemia has a great impact on the heartbeat of the patient and increases the possibility of other cardiovascular problems.
  • HIGH PHOSPHORUS FRUITS: Kidney patients undergoing dialysis should avoid consuming fruits like dried apricots, longan, grapes, banana, figs, avocados and dates to prevent bone problems like pain in the bones, fractures, and osteoporosis.


Ayurveda is an age-old treatment mechanism that deals with all kinds of body ailments through naturally grown herbs and healthy diet plans. Kidney failure, according to Ayurveda is caused by the insufficient blood supply to the organ. Fruits dialysis patients cannot eat This can easily be reversed by the ayurvedic treatment measures without dialysis. “Kidney Disease Treatment in Ayurveda” Karma Ayurveda, a well-established name in the medical sector renders its natural aid for kidney failure under the ownership of a well- recognized physician Dr. Puneet Dhawan. This kidney treatment center has helped countless lives with its ayurvedic medicines and healthy renal diets since 1937. The Karma Ayurveda medicines lack any side effects and eradicate the need for dialysis treatment. “Fruits dialysis patients cannot eat”

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