Kidney disease is an ongoing sickness that progressively deteriorates the normal functioning of kidneys. This destructive disease leads to build toxins and waste in the blood that increases the risk of developing various complications. Diabetic and hypertensive patients usually are vulnerable to get kidney disease. There are various symptoms that kidney patients witness. These include: “Feedback and Reviews Karma Ayurveda”

  • Frequent and dark urination
  • Swelled limbs
  • Hypertension
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Difficulty in breathing

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To subside these signs patients often take up technical treatment measures of allopathy. These consist of strong dosage of chemical-induced drugs, dialysis, and a kidney transplant (in severe cases). Ayurveda transcended every type of medical treatment in treating all kinds of body ailments without causing any side effects. It is known for its herbal medicines that comprise of natural ingredients and organic products. These medicines advocated by Ayurveda provide 100% cure to kidney disease without causing any side effects. “Feedback and Reviews Karma Ayurveda” Karma Ayurveda is a highly reputed kidney treatment hospital that renders herbal medicines under the ownership of an experienced ayurvedacharya Dr. Puneet Dhawan. The centre is a big family of cured kidney patients. Karma Ayurveda is a trusted name that has given a healthy life to many kidney victims. “Feedback and Reviews Karma Ayurveda” Mr. Dharmpal Gupta from Delhi battled with his kidney impairment from 10 years. In addition to this problem, his blood sugar and blood pressure levels were constantly high. Also, his creatinine reached up to 2.4mg/dl. He lost all hopes before coming to Karma Ayurveda. The 3 months course of ayurvedic medicines from Karma Ayurveda did a miracle in his condition. His creatinine fall to 2 and Diabetes and Hypertension came under control. These success stories of Karma Ayurveda strengthen the trust of the patients on the centre and compel them to join karma family. “Feedback and Reviews Karma Ayurveda”


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