Cranberry Juice is Good for Kidneys

These little scarlet red round berries which taste a bit bitter and sour are cranberry. Eat it as it is or squeeze and have its juice. These are a boon straight from heaven. Cranberries are a blessing sent from heaven. Be the taste, the color or the shape. It gives the heavenly benefits which we will be discussing later in the blog. Do we think you should know how cranberry juice is good for the kidneys? You can make juice, jams, dips and smoothies and what not? These little beans are meant to cure infections and diseases causing in the liver, kidneys, uterus, vagina, etc. Want to know more about cranberries? Start scrolling! Cranberries are nothing special but a fruit that comes with innumerable benefits. But how cranberry juice is good for kidneys? Pure cranberry juice is good for heart health, kidneys, urinary tract infections, vaginal health, boost immunity, etc. Kidneys are red bean-shaped organs that help in filtering the wastes and balancing the fluids in a human body. Located at the back of your body either side of the spinal cord. There are a number of diseases that can be affected if they stop functioning properly. Kidney stones, kidney cysts, kidney infections, chronic kidney diseases, polycystic kidney diseases, cancer, and kidney failure.

what is good for our kidneys and what is not

To make kidneys function properly we need to know what is good for our kidneys and what is not. Today 80% - 90% is suffering from kidney failure or other kidney diseases. And out of the 50% - 60% are following the crowd of sheep blindly. If one is rushing towards the so-called ‘faster treatment’ the allopathic treatment then the other will follow him without even analyzing that what will be the side effects, what will be the benefits and how will it react to their body. Are you among those or a little different? If you are then this blog is definitely for you. Because we want our readers to know the pros and cons of every step they are going to take in the medical world. Moving on, we just want you to believe that Ayurveda is better than allopathic medications because Ayurveda works on the roots of the disease. At the onset, we diagnose what is the main cause of the kidney disease and then work towards the treatment of that disease. Our methods to diagnose kidney disease are:

  • Blood test
  • Urine test
  • Kidney biopsy
  • Imaging

We have a reason why we recommend that cranberry juice is good for kidneys. Recommending cranberry juice is a part of Karma Ayurveda treatment for kidney diseases. That we will be discussing now. Cranberry juice is rich with Vitamin C, K, E and B6 with magnesium, iron, potassium, manganese, and calcium. There are numerous questions that our patients have asked: “My blood creatinine is 1.60 mg/dl and my age is 72 (male). I’m diabetic with HbA1c of 5.5%. Does this indicate CKD? What should I do?” “I had a UTI in April. I did not get better; I was ill had burning throughout my body. Then I was treated for a kidney infection through allopathic. I am still being a treatment for a kidney infection for about 6 times. I have lost 22 pounds since the first time but the situation is the same; no improvement. What should I do? “ Do you feel like them? Then you are just in the right place. Now, without any procrastination let us bump on why cranberry juice is good for kidneys and you will have all the answers. The following are the facts to prove that why cranberry juice is good for kidneys?

  • It controls Urinary tract infection
  • It boosts heart health
  • It helps in Kidney’s functioning
  • It helps in maintaining the liver health
  • It counters the vaginal infections
  • It fights against obesity
  • It fights Kidney Stones


It controls UTIs:

Cranberry juice has been the rock-solid solution to cure UTI (urinary tract infections). Though it usually affects pregnant women but there are odds no? UTI is caused by the bacterial infection that occurred because of sexual intercourse, excessive intake of contraceptive pills, etc. Cranberry juice maintains the acidic pH levels in urine making it difficult for the bacteria to survive.

It boosts heart health:

A kidney patient has 90% chances that he will be suffering from heart diseases, high blood pressure hypertension, etc. Cranberry juice has been the effective Ayurveda remedy to loosen up the stiff blood vessels in your body.

It helps in Kidney’s functioning:

Cranberry juice has been the traditional remedy to treat kidney infections and UTI from ancient India. Pure cranberry juice is rich with vitamins C, K, and E; which is essential for the better functioning of kidneys. Also, the juice is low in potassium which helps in calcification and purification of kidneys.

It helps in maintaining the liver health

A glass of cranberry juice twice a day helps in preventing blood cholesterol and lipid in our bodies. It fights the age-related oxidative damage. Two glass a day boost up the anti-inflammatory genes.

It counters the vaginal infections

Women are prone to frequent UTIs because of the location of the urethra. The urethra of a woman is located near her vagina and anus. It is shorter than men and that makes it easily transfer of bacteria during urinating or while having intercourse. As aforesaid unsweetened cranberry juices have the acidic balance this prevents bacteria to survive. That eventually prevents the vagina from infections.

It fights against obesity

Today every third person is obese which is affecting the functioning of kidneys directly. Cranberry juice is low in calories that help in reducing the fats in our bodies. Cranberry juice contains organic acids that fight against the fats living in our bodies.

It fights Kidney Stones

Cranberry juices have the acidic elements which help in defoliating the stones from kidneys. That is why cranberry juice is good for kidneys. Other than the above mentioned benefits there are several benefits of cranberry juice that are indirectly good for kidney disease ayurvedic treatment. Cranberry juice is beneficial for sexual health, glowing skin, boosts immunity, makes the bones stronger, prevents cancer and fights against tumors.


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