Can Dehydration Cause Low GFR Results - Dehydration Affect Kidney Function

Water is essential for life and we all get recommended for the consumption of enough fluid in a day. Water helps the waste and toxins to get flush out from one’s body. As the kidneys work like the filter factory of your body and help to eliminate the waste, less water intake or dehydration affects its working in a major way. Here a question arises that can dehydration cause low GFR The answer is yes. Let’s understand what GFR actually is. Glomerular filtration rate (GFR), is the optimum test which depicts the present functioning and condition of a person’s kidney. It tells about the stage of kidney disease according to which, the right treatment get provided to the kidney patient. “Can dehydration cause low GFR?”

How dehydration causes low GFR?

About 70 percent of our body weight is water. It helps in the circulation of different components inside our bodies. Water also helps in the removal of waste. In the situation of dehydration, in which the level of water in one’s body goes down, the nutrients will not be able to travel freely. It is the condition where it gets difficult for the delivery system to perform its job. Besides this, dehydration also found to be linked with low GFR and kidney damage. Here is how dehydration affects your kidneys: “Can dehydration cause low GFR?” It can let the waste and toxins build up inside one’s body. It let the passage of kidneys to get clogged with waste. This situation further gives way to a number of kidney dysfunction and disorders as well. Dehydration supports urinary tract infection and kidney stones which are the major causes of kidney damage. “Can dehydration cause low GFR?”

Symptoms of dehydration

  • Very dark yellow urine
  • Very less urine
  • Thirst “Avoid Fake & Fraud Kidney Treatment, Karma Ayurveda Reviews, Consumer Complaints, Feedback”
  • Dry mouth
  • Often muscle cramps
Those who are facing the condition of kidney stones are advised to increase the intake of fluid as it helps to treat the blockage and helps the clogged compounds to excrete out from the body. Water also prevents the formation of stones inside your body. It is also helpful to treat the urinary tract infections and helps the kidney to flush out the dangerous acid from the body through urine. As everyone’s body is different, every person needs to consume a different amount of water. The water intake differentiates according to a person's age, exercise routine, climate, etc. Other factors with which the water intake is calculated are state of breastfeeding, illness, and pregnancy. It is important for kidney patients to know, that high water intake doesn’t resolve the complications associated with kidney damage. People, who are facing the stage of kidney failure or have low kidney function, are advised to restrict their water intake. This is because the damaged kidneys will not be able to eliminate the excess water from the body which will support the situation of fluid buildup inside the body. “Can dehydration cause low GFR?”

What to do when GFR goes low?

People are advised to regulate the level of water consumption as it helps in the removal of waste and toxins. Those who already have a low GFR and are diagnosed with any kidney-related disease are advised to find the right treatment. The most appropriate way to treat your kidney disease is to get natural kidney treatment. “Kidney Treatment in Ayurveda” There are a number of kidney patients who consider kidney transplants and dialysis as the only solution for kidney disease. Karma Ayurveda had approached the ayurvedic kidney disease treatment for such patients who get failed to get kidney treatment naturally. Dr. Puneet Dhawan is focused to let the patients know about the usefulness of natural herbs which are an offering of nature to us. “Can dehydration cause low GFR?”

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